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Round 95 is a round in Bloons TD 6. It is the sixth-to-last round in Impoppable Difficulty and CHIMPS. It is characterized by a barrage of grouped Camo Regrow Fortified Leads and Camo Regrow Purples followed by a long line of many DDTs and Fortified MOABs.


Round 95 can be divided into two distinct segments. The initial segment consists of a very long wave of continuous Camo Regrow Purple Bloons (numbering at 500) accompanied by 250 Fortified Camo Regrow Leads, which are partially hidden by the Purples.

The second segment of this round begins after around 30 seconds, with the Purple-and-Lead rush halting. A long stream of 30 spaced DDTs will zip by on top of a large, continuous string of 50 Fortified MOABs.

Round 95 consists the most amount of regrow bloons from the entrance in standard set of rounds up to 140, and in entire game, only Round 163 has more.

Round 95 is considerably harder when you are playing on Reverse Mode, because DDT swarm starts to spawn right after the round starts.



Round 95 is a very dangerous round in a CHIMPS game, although considered by some to not be as hard as Round 98 or Round 99. The main difficulty of this round comes from the large number of DDTs, and sometimes also because of the Fortified MOABs. Magic-dependent defenses may struggle at countering the Camo Regrow Fortified Leads and the Camo Regrow Purples.

On this round, the Monkey Intelligence Bureau will become highly important when paired with strong combos whose weaknesses are only poor DDT-popping ability. Starting from this round, more than simply cheap supporting damage towers will be needed to handle the DDTs on this round due to the recurring DDTs and the long lines of Fortified MOABs following alongside too. Slowdowns and stuns are also incredible assets on this round too in order to let the defenses gain more time to handle the everlasting blimps.

Methods that could beat Round 90 and Round 93 such as adding in a plain 4-2-0 Maim MOAB may not help much on this round, due to the increased number of DDTs. Other methods for beating DDT rounds, such as a single 2-4-0 Spike Storm, can help beat this round, but may struggle against the Fortified MOABs sandwiched between. Best option on this round would be to use defenses that can handle both groups of blimps, the Fortified MOABs and the DDTs. Examples include Prince of Darkness, Perma-Spike + Stronger Stimulant, and an Icicle Impale with MIB, Acidic Mixture Dip, or Cold Snap.

Defenses also must be able to fully pop each D.D.T. fast enough and for long enough so that the defense doesn't fall behind against the D.D.T. onslaught and ending the game.


  • The defense must have good DDT-popping power and slowdown in order to beat this round effectively.
  • Use the opportunity of Round 95's bloon wave to refresh ability cooldowns. There is approximately 30 seconds of no blimps until the DDTs arrive.
  • The best single counter to this round in terms of DPS is Prince of Darkness. Provided a defense is made to pop even just one bloon within close range, a Prince of Darkness will be able to stack enough damage to reach its maximum strength and therefore be able to pop the DDTs and Fortified MOABs quite effectively. Plus, Prince of Darkness's Shimmer attack can remove camo off bloons to allow other towers to make pops for it.
  • The best support for this round is Bloon Sabotage, as a temporary slowdown to counter the fast speed of DDTs. Use it once the DDTs arrive for the best effect.
  • It is also worth adding MOAB Glue under a Radar Scanner or similar to provide a consistent slowdown to affected DDTs, but Bloon Sabotage will be the most reliable source of slowdown for this specific round.
  • Other useful counters to this round include 2-0-5 Icicle Impale, 0-2-5 Perma-Spike + 4-x-x Stronger Stimulant, and groups of many Alch-buffed Arcane Spikes.
  • 2-4-0 Spike Storm is useful on this round to pop the DDT layers, but it's not very reliable unless the Fortified MOABs are countered adequately.
  • Acidic Mixture Dip will easily allow Perma-Spike to beat the round's DDTs.
  • Pre-Emptive Strike's passive missiles will automatically reduce all DDTs and the Fortified MOABs into their children soon after they enter the screen.
  • Apache Prime, if used as a primary general DPS, performs very poorly against 95 without support due to DDTs nullifying two of its primary attacks by default, and also because the DDTs also simply outrun the helicopter. MIB, Bloon Sabotage, and Overclock are a must.
  • Two properly timed Ground Zero abilities are usually enough to beat Round 95 with ease, especially when paired with Bloon Sabotage.
  • One properly timed Pop and Awe ability can help stun the DDTs on screen, clump up the incoming DDTs, and can inflict a lot of damage with proper Mortar micro.
  • The M.A.D is very useful on this round, as a single missile can one shot the DDTs or the Fortified MOABs on this round, rendering the MOAB-class Bloons as no threat. Proper defenses will be needed to handle the children spawned, though the M.A.D's Rocket Storm ability can assist in this role.





  • Starting from an empty Prince of Darkness, a single 0-0-0 Dart Monkey plus a Prince of Darkness can solo Round 95 on Logs Hard.
  • This is final round where Purple Bloons make appearance on Impoppable or CHIMPS.
  • Round 95 has the most amount of purple bloons in standard rounds, followed by Round 101 (450 purples) and Round 107 (444 camo purples).
  • Also this round has the most amount of Fortified Lead Bloons during entire game, followed by Round 122 (225 Fortified Lead), and Round 104 (200 Fortified Lead).
  • Round 95 has the most amount of DDTs in games prior to Round 102, in which there are 18 DDTs and 12 Fortified DDTs. (18+12*2=42 DDTs)
  • On Alternate Bloons Rounds, DDTs in this round start to spawn sooner and no camo regrow fortified leads between camo regrow purples. However this might be easier than normal, because it lacks fortified MOABs between DDTs, therefore it requires less popping power than standard rounds.
  • Some pre-determined freeplay rounds where it consists a lot of DDTs have similar MOAB-Class rushes as Round 95. Note that their intervals between each DDTs get shorter and shorter as the round flows.
    • Rounds 106 and 117 consists DDTs instead of Fortified MOABs, and Fortified DDTs instead of DDTs.
    • Round 138 consists Fortified DDTs instead of Fortified MOABs, and their quantities and length are also increased.