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Round 94 is a round in Bloons TD 6. It is the seventh-to-last round in Impoppable Difficulty and CHIMPS. It is characterized by a group of densely packed BFBs and a slightly less dense group of many ZOMGs.


25 BFBs and 6 ZOMGs will start moving in at around the same time, albeit at different speeds due to their differing movement speeds. The ZOMGs enter at a very tiny delay, only 1.6s since the start of the round. BFBs will come within 15s, and ZOMGs arrive between 1.6s and 14.6s of the round.



Round 94 is one of the more dangerous rounds in CHIMPS Mode, due to how dense the blimps are throughout the long round. Round 94 is very similar to the difficult Round 98, with the Fortification missing and a fewer number of ZOMGs. Defenses that can beat Round 98 likely can beat this round without trouble too. Note that this round precedes and succeeds two DDT rounds, Rounds 93 and 95.


  • Simply treat this round as an easier version of Round 98. Beating Round 93 shouldn't be too hard in general, although abilities may be on cooldown from last round. However, this round should take a decent amount of time to pass by before the defenses will become greatly in danger.
  • Defenses that struggle against densely packed blimps will likely lose to the masses of Super Ceramics underneath. Use defenses that specialize at handling both Super Ceramics and weaker MOAB-class bloons, such as Prince of Darkness.
  • Do not pop too many blimps at once, unless the strategy is specialized to handle huge but weak groups of bloons, such as a well-placed Glaive Lord combined with bloon slowdown.
  • It is helpful to add a Downdraft, not only for this round but for later rounds. Its main benefit here is to reduce Super Ceramic progress and stall out rounds.
  • Mastering how to beat Round 94 efficiently will help make it easier to beat similar harder rounds like Round 96 and the notorious Round 98.
  • The Biggest One shouldn't have too much problem on this round, but take care against the ZOMGs.
  • In the map Quad, beware of Round 94, as it will force only two ZOMGs into the top-side killzone but four ZOMGs into the bottom one.
  • If using Benjamin's Syphon Funding, start the syphoning about 2 seconds after the round begins, so that as many ZOMGs and BFBs are downgraded on the same ability use. However, note that the spacing between ZOMGs is too wide for Syphon Funding to get all ZOMGs.