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Round 93 is a round in Bloons TD 6. It is the eighth-to-last round in Impoppable Difficulty and CHIMPS. It is characterized by a group of Fortified BFBs and a group of DDTs.


The Fortified BFBs will enter over the course of the round. 6 DDTs will rush in around 12 seconds through, at around the same time as the 4th Fortified BFB.



Round 93 is a dangerous round on CHIMPS Mode if DDT defense isn't quite up to scratch. DDTs come quite quickly, and the Fortified BFBs pushing through during the round may also prove to be painful due to their tendency to block attacks made against the DDTs. This round is generally a test of both general late-game defense as well as DDT defense.


  • Prince of Darkness is a useful counter to this round, especially if already stockpiling a lot of graveyard space from Round 92.