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What's a DDT Bloon you ask? Like a MOAB crossed with a Pink, Camo, Black and Lead Bloon. In all the bad ways.
~ BTD6 Pre-Round Comment for Round 90

Round 90 is a round in Bloons TD 6. It is the eleventh-to-last round in Impoppable Difficulty and CHIMPS. It is characterised by a group of Camo Regrow Leads followed by three somewhat spaced DDTs.


50 tightly packed Camo Regrow Fortified Leads swarm in, closely followed by 3 DDTs. Due to Freeplay scaling, each DDT has 480 HP on this round.



Round 90 can be dangerous if not properly prepared for DDTs. DDTs are fast, immune to sharp and explosive attacks without special upgrades, and have camo properties. Fortunately, there are only 3 DDTs on this round, but if this round is barely passable then there's likely a problem for Round 93 and almost certainly for Round 95.

The most significant problem with Round 90 is normally the lack of specifically DDT-popping power. Either the defense may be too focused on explosives or too focused on sharp-based attacks. Sometimes the lack of camo detection may be the greatest problem. Speed of the DDTs could also be the main problem even if all other factors are addressed.


  • Monkey Intelligence Bureau is a good solution to beating this round for supporting towers that normally cannot pop lead nor black bloons, as MIB will cover the DDT's immunities and Radar Scanner with deal with the camo. It is best paired with fast-attacking towers and/or tower spam strategies.
  • Perma-Spike buffed with Berserker Brew (or Stronger Stimulant if desired) will have little trouble against DDTs. Both Perma-Spike crosspaths are effective.
  • Bloon Sabotage is a good support to add for slowing down the DDTs. Activate immediately once DDTs arrive.
  • Maim MOAB with camo detection set on Strong can beat this round decently, but Maim MOAB alone will not be sufficient for Round 93.
  • Ground Zero will instantly defeat all three DDTs. On most maps, it can also defeat all the DDTs on Round 93 as well, but it cannot handle Round 95 and Round 99.
  • Icicle Impale set to strong is an excellent counter to DDT Rounds including Round 90 as it does 50 damage to DDTs, slows them down massively and (if crosspathed with Cold Snap) can hit DDTs on its own.
  • Pirate Lord can beat this round with ease, as Pirate Lord can instakill up to ZOMGs and DDTs.
  • Super Glue can be extremely helpful against DDTs, as long as you give this tower camo detection by using something like Radar Scanner or Etienne