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For the round's Bloons TD 5 counterpart, see Round 83 (BTD5).

Round 83 is a round in Bloons TD 6. Like in BTD5, there is a constant stream of three Ceramics every few seconds, along with a wave of MOABs during the middle of the round. However, two of the three Ceramics per wave have properties: one Regrow and one Fortified, respectively.


Three Ceramic Bloons, one with Regrow and one with Fortified properties, spawn every few seconds, along with some MOABs.



This round isn't hard if you have sufficient Super Ceramic defense, being one of the easiest freeplay rounds with enough towers. MOABs by this point are dull, considering the previous round had enough BFBs to spawn 60 MOABs, some even Fortified!

In CHIMPS, rounds 81 to 84 are also key saveup rounds, especially for very expensive towers costing over $30,000. Altogether, rounds 81-84 grant a total of approximately $20,000 cash. Defenses against this round and the rounds around it should be planned out long in advance to maximize saveups. A good defense going onwards will be split into three main components: a main blimp damage setup, Super Ceramic cleanup, and the supports for those two.


  • Ground Zero can wipe out the MOAB part of the round in one click, but watch the cooldown.
  • Prince of Darkness is one of the best clean-up towers in the game. If you're struggling against this round, using one won't hurt.
  • The Tack Zone, with a few buffs, can break down the round completely.