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For the round's Bloons TD 5 counterpart, see Round 82 (BTD5).

Round 82 is a round in Bloons TD 6. Like in BTD5, there is a rush of ten regular BFBs. In other ways however, it is very different from its Bloons TD 5 counterpart, as there are no longer any Camo Regrow Rainbow Bloons, and in their place are five extra fortified BFBs.


Simply put, a long, continuous train of 15 BFBs spawn. The last five of these BFBs are fortified.



The round is about the same in both difficulty and tactics as the previous Round 81, being both simple BFB rushes incorporating Super Ceramic Bloons.

In CHIMPS, rounds 81 to 84 are also key saveup rounds, especially for very expensive towers costing over $30,000. Altogether, rounds 81-84 grant a total of approximately $20,000 cash. Defenses against this round and the rounds around it should be planned out long in advance to maximize saveups. A good defense going onwards will be split into three main components: a main blimp damage setup, Super Ceramic cleanup, and the supports for those two.


  • The fortification on the last five BFBs, supposed to be the round's main danger, can be mitigated with a MOAB Glue, which slows them by 37.5%.
  • When MOAB Glue is paired with a MOAB Press, the fortifications in fact become a weakness, as the extra health allows MOAB Press to shove around the Fortified BFBs for longer, allowing defenses behind them to have more leeway.
  • Like on Round 81, Spiked Balls continue to excel at catching stray Super Ceramic Bloons spawned from the blimps.