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For the BTD5 round without Freeplay rules, see Round 81 (BTD5).

Standard ABR

Round 81 is a round in Bloons TD 6. It is characterized by 17 BFBs. This is the first round that has Freeplay Mode rules. Because of this, all bloons move +2% faster per round, Ceramics become Super Ceramics (60 health, no split offspring), and MOAB-class bloons gain +2% health per round.


17 BFBs will be grouped somewhat close together, one by one entering the screen closeby. Like the Bloons TD 5 counterpart, this round consists horde of BFBs, but this time there are nearly twice as more BFBs than Bloons TD 5 Round 81 counterpart to make it harder.



Round 81 is an important round to consider for understanding Freeplay Mode rules. This is the first round that has such. This round might be very dangerous, because there are 17 BFBs in this round, far more than Round 79's 4 BFBs and 2 Fortified BFBs, which is equivalent to 8 BFBs. Common countermeasures against Rounds 79 and 80 may not work well against this round, since this round consists more than twice as many BFBs compared by Rounds 79 and 80. This is one of the "RBE Inflation Rounds".


  • M.O.A.R. Glaives and Ring of Fire are bad choices on Freeplay Mode rules, as they do not scale well versus Super Ceramics and do little effect to MOAB-class bloons.
  • Spiked Balls works well at tanking Super Ceramics, probably the best effective but cheap option at tanking Super Ceramics outside of stall-based towers.
  • Some towers are far better against Super Ceramics compared to other towers. The most notable examples are typically those that utilize stalls and/or slows.
    • 0-1-2 Ice Monkey is cheap but effective at permafreezing Super Ceramics in place, among the best in fact for its cost. The downside is its slow attack speed and low range. It cannot pop Whites and Zebras, but since most defenses are quick-attacking anyway by this point, this should be negligible.
    • Downdraft is better against Super Ceramics than regular Ceramics due to the lack of split bloons.
    • Bloon Impact is effective at permastunning Super Ceramics. It may struggle against Blacks and Zebras, but there's almost no chance that they will be troublesome by this point, especially because of how few offspring Super Ceramics produce. Plus, Striker Jones reduces that specific minor problem.
    • 0-3-2 Glue Hose is better than 2-3-0 Glue Hose at slowing Super Ceramics. This is because Super Ceramics pretty much can be treated as one-layer anyway due to how much health it has. More slowdown and glue lifespan via 0-3-2 rather than 2-3-0 is more appreciated.
    • Cryo Cannon is also excellent against Super Ceramics for the same reasons why 0-1-2 is so effective. But exchanging price for reliability at attacking afar, Cryo Cannon can catch Super Ceramics better, as Super Ceramics don't have split offspring.
  • Note that Necromancer: Unpopped Army and Prince of Darkness accumulate more pops against Super Ceramics compared to normal bloons in order to make up for the reduced bloon offspring from Super Ceramics. Therefore, it is easy for both of them to rack up graveyard space very quickly as long as any of them are surrounded by other defenses. It is especially significant for Prince of Darkness.