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Round 80 is a round in Bloons TD 6. It is the last round in Hard Difficulty. It is characterized by a single ZOMG. Its Bloons TD 5 counterpart is Round 85.


Simply speaking, one ZOMG spawns.



Round 80 is challenging but not as dangerous compared to its BTD5 round counterpart. Defenses that lack sufficient single-target popping power may struggle highly on this round. In fact, the hardest part of Round 80 isn't necessarily the ZOMG itself but instead comes primarily from the ZOMG offspring underneath, bursting out 4 BFBs and eventually down to MOABs and a dense rush of bloons if blimps are popped too quickly.

Fortunately, there are a good chunk of options for specifically handling ZOMGs, even more variety compared to its BTD5 counterpart.


  • Adding Maim MOAB can help stun the ZOMG in place, allowing it to handle the ZOMG easier. 4-2-0 is better for its offspring, but 4-0-2 can permastun the ZOMG in place, although it will take ages for that ZOMG to become destroyed.
  • First Strike Capability is the cheapest single tower to counter Round 80. Just one use of the ability can destroy the ZOMG under normal conditions. However, take into account its initial cooldown.
  • Perma-Spike easily builds up enough spikes to beat the ZOMG alone outside of CHIMPS.
  • Pirate Lord ability instantly kills the ZOMG. Simply buy the upgrade and use the ability immediately.
  • In Magic Monkeys Only especially, selling all towers for a Bloon Master Alchemist trivializes the round, as the shrink potions will turn the ZOMG into a pitiful Red Bloon.
  • If planning to go beyond this round, take note of super ceramics, who will cause massive trouble to towers that rely on pierce to pop bloons.