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Round 70 is a round in Bloons TD 6. It consists of a long line of Rainbow Bloons with periodic Camo White Bloons, ending with 4 closely packed MOABs. The distinction in BTD6 is the new round system; previous games didn't use such a system.





This round is a test of the defense's reliable camo detection amongst a group of stronger bloons. There should be sufficient damage to destroy the Rainbows effectively while also still being able to kill the Camo Regrow Whites. Stripping off properties of those Camo Regrow Whites can help too, but for the best results use an area-of-effect decamo like Submerge and Support, Shimmer, Signal Flare, but not Embrittlement (which can't strip Camo Regrow Whites without nearby bloons to activate shards).


  • If using a Bloonjitsu + Alch combo, use Stronger Stimulant to ensure virtually full uptime for the tower. In combination, they can make this round a lot easier to beat, as the grouped waves are quite sustained.