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Round 69 is a round in Bloons TD 6 that consists of Fortified Lead Bloons, followed by Regrow Black Bloons, and ending with spaced Ceramic Bloons.



Not a very problematic round except for defenses that may struggle against reliable lead-popping power mixed with black-popping and ceramic-popping. Overall, this round is among the easiest of the rounds in the mid-game, making it a *nice* refreshment from other rounds.


  • Wall of Fire is the best choice for this round, as its constant damage helps chip away at bloons well. If going without the Lingering Magic MK, which adds extra lifespan, add Jungle Drums to ensure 100% uptime, for full reliability against this round, or just upgrade to Dragon's Breath.
  • Cluster Bombs can both pop the Regrow Blacks and Fortified Leads with little problem, especially with 2-0-3 crosspath.



  • Despite the seemingly easy approach to the round compared to its round status, Round 69 ranks the 4th (out of 10th) highest RBE round out of the 60's rounds and has more RBE than Round 76 (ignoring Regrow regeneration).