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Standard ABR

Last level for Medium difficulty.
~ BTD5 Flash Pre-Round Comment for Round 65
Eight. Count them.
~ BTD4 Pre-Round Comment for Round 65

Round 65 is a round in Bloons TD 4, Bloons TD 5, and Bloons TD 6. The general format on this round is a large number of Zebra Bloons, Rainbow Bloons, Ceramic Bloons, and then a few MOABs. Starting from BTD5, the number of MOABs increases from 2 to 3 and there are also two BFBs afterwards too. In BTD6, the round format is almost identical to the BTD5 counterpart.

In BTD5, it is the last round on Medium Difficulty. In BTD4 and BTD6, this role instead goes to Round 60, where the first BFB appears.

Round 65 is the first round that contains more RBE compared by Round 80.





Round 65 is quite a difficult round because of how progressively stronger the bloons become as the round goes. There are a lot of grouped bloons that would be a real menace for slow-attacking defenses to handle. The round is also quite long, so at least there is time to recharge abilities and stockpile defenses on this round before the real trouble begins to skyrocket.


  • Try having a 4-2-0 Maim MOAB instead of a 4-0-2 Maim MOAB. Set it on Strong. This will help stun the few MOAB-class bloons in this round a bit more reliably and therefore make the round less of a hassle to handle.
  • Simple grouped bloon counters such as Glaive Ricochet can handle the bloon waves of this round well.
  • Ice Monkeys can help slow down the Ceramics and deal some damage to the bloons frozen. In BTD4 and BTD5, adding Snap Freeze does roughly the same thing.
  • Stockpiling spikes with MOAB-SHREDR might be helpful, the only thing you need to do is just wait until BFBs come.