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Round 62 is a round in Bloons TD 6. The round consists of a barrage of Purple Bloons, many spaced MOABs alongside, some Fortified MOABs, and some Camo Regrow Rainbow Bloons. Because of the introduction of Purple Bloons, it is distinct from previous games.


Many, many Purples spawn during the entire round, alongside 7 MOABs, the last 2 of which are Fortified. At the end of the round, a few Camo Regrow Rainbows appear.



Round 62 is very problematic for defenses that rely mostly on Energy, Plasma, or Fire damage types. The persistent Purples are going to block a lot of the powerful magic shots and not allow those shots to hit the MOABs. Avoid relying on magic to pop MOAB-class bloons or cleaning Ceramics.

Rarely, the Camo Regrow Rainbows will be a pain on this round, assuming the player has survived all previous rounds. In that case, still be wary about handling Camo Bloons on this round while keeping an eye on the Regrow properties of those Camo Regrow Rainbows too.


  • Try using Full Auto Rifle for hitting Purples and/or MOABs on this round. In fact, 2-0-4 Full Auto is very suitable on this round at handling all but the Camo Regrow Rainbows.
  • Having a properly stacked Necromancer: Unpopped Army will have little to no trouble on this round, as its Undead Bloons can pop Purples. In fact, it benefits a lot from this round provided it has a supporting DPS tower nearby to let the Necromancer stack its power.