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Round 60 is a round in Bloons TD 6. It is the last round in Medium Difficulty. It is characterized by a single BFB.


Simply speaking, one BFB spawns.



Round 60 is a somewhat difficult round due to a fairly large amount of children spawning, but not as hard as Round 63. It can be beaten with many towers, including The Tack Zone and Sun Avatar.


  • Like any other round consisting mainly of MOAB-class Bloons, MOAB Maulers are excellent due to their high damage per shot. If you go with the Mauler only, be sure to have multiple of them later in the game. A MOAB Assassin is usually more than capable to defeat the initial BFB with it's ability. However, the Ceramics can withstand the tower easily. Be sure to have some good cleanup to defeat the Ceramics.
  • Monkey Pirates is one of, if not the cheapest single tower to beat Round 60. One use of the ability can completely destroy the BFB. However, take into account the initial cooldown.
  • Perma-Spike is overkill, but not necessarily a bad option.
  • A great support/damage tower is The Bloon Solver. With its rework, it's a good option to deal with the BFB and the Mid-Game in its entirety. Make sure to use a Radar Scanner Village or a Submerge and Support Monkey Sub to deal with round 78.