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Round 60 is a round that debuted in Bloons TD 4. It is the last round in Medium Difficulty for BTD4 and BTD6. It is characterized by a single BFB. In BTD5, it is the sixth-to-last round.


Simply speaking, one BFB spawns.



Round 60 can be a challenge for newer players because of how much MOAB-class popping power is needed to beat the BFB. The best solution for all game generations is to opt for MOAB Maulers, as they are cheap but quite cost-effective at crushing MOAB-class bloons. This is especially the case in BTD6, where the MOAB Mauler deals 16 damage to MOAB-class instead of 10 in other games. There are many other effective options for countering Round 60, but these will generally be typical cost-efficient options for specifically handling MOAB-class bloons in general.

Tips (BTD6)[]

  • Monkey Pirates can pull down the Round 60 BFB with no trouble. Just keep an eye out on its initial cooldown and avoid popping the BFB early.
  • Maim MOAB can almost permastun a BFB even without crosspaths. 4-2-0 Maim MOAB is generally better if needing to stun the MOABs underneath, in addition to a large amount of damage to them.
  • MOAB Shove can lock the BFB's movement completely. However, it isn't so effective against the four MOABs underneath the BFB.
  • Certain abilities excel against single-target bloons. These can be used to beat the BFB layer.
    • MOAB Assassin's Assassin ability is a classic example, popping the BFB layer in one use (assuming normal health).
    • Summon Phoenix has surprisingly good single-target DPS and a single Phoenix is enough to handle the BFB and its innards if the BFB is at quite low health.