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Can you pop Lead? Can you pop Camo? How about... Camo Lead?
~ BTD6 Pre-Round Comment for Round 59

Camo + Lead = much pain. Hope you're ready.
~ BTD5 Pre-Round Comment for Round 59

Round 59 is a round appearing since Bloons TD 4. It is the second-to-last round on Medium Difficulty. Since its debut, it has consistently included a rush of Ceramic Bloons. From Bloons TD 5 onwards, Camo Lead Bloons accompany the ceramics.


Round 59 begins with an onslaught of spaced Ceramic Bloons. After many ceramics have spawned, they temporarily stop spawning to make way for the Camo Leads to spawn. Afterwards, more spaced ceramics enter. In Bloons TD 6, this second wave of ceramics also has the Regrow property.



Round 59 is a dangerous round, mainly because of adding Camo to the Lead Bloons on this round. Typical anti-lead defenses normally cannot target these bloons without special upgrades. However, there are easy counters to this round, the best examples being the Monkey Apprentice with Monkey Sense or Wizard Monkey with both Monkey Sense and any Path 2 upgrade.


  • Ezili is the cheapest and easiest way to pop of Camo Leads in BTD6 due to her not requiring any upgrades or levels to pop them.
  • 0-1-2 Wizard is the cheapest non-hero to pop groups of Camo Leads, as 1-1-0 Snipers are not enough, and 1-2-0 Sniper shrapnel isn't fast enough. However, a 0-2-2 Wizard's Wall of Fire attack will become much more reliable at popping grouped Camo Leads.
  • Monkey Apprentice with Monkey Sense is the cheapest way to pop groups of Camo Leads, but adding Lightning Bolt too will make it much more reliable for countering Camo Leads.
  • BTD6 Sniper Monkeys without Path 2 upgrades are generally poor at countering this round. However, Bouncing Bullet with at least Full Metal Jacket is a decent choice for reliably tackling Camo Leads.
  • BTD5 1-2 Sniper Monkeys (Full Metal Jacket + Night Vision Goggles) are not reliable enough to counter the Camo Leads, unless the map is spammed with them.