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Lots of Camo Ceramic Bloons could wreck your day. Just sayin'.
~ BTD6 Pre-Round Comment

Round 51 is a round in Bloons TD 6. The round consists of Camo Ceramics and Regrow Rainbows. Because of the overhaul of round formatting, it is distinct from previous games.


The round begins with 15 Camo Ceramic bloons, each ceramic with ample spacing between each other. After the ceramics have spawned, 10 Regrow Rainbow bloons spawn with less spacing between each rainbow.



Round 51 is a minor test of how a defense can handle strong Camo Bloons. However, if the camo bloons can be detected or decamouflaged, they are easier to take down than Round 49, as the Round 51 rushes are much less dense.


  • Bloonjitsu with Seeking Shuriken buffed by Stronger Stimulant has no trouble taking down Round 51.
  • Alternatively, two Triple Guns subs with Advanced Intel aided by Stronger Stimulant and cheap camo-detecting towers also do well.
  • Counter-Espionage is the cheapest but reliable decamo for this round. Round 51 gives especially favorable conditions for Counter-Espionage, as the Camo Ceramics are spaced and do not pop into two children immediately after a hit, which prevent Counter-Espionage's low pierce from being overwhelmed. Remember to use the Camo Prioritization target priority too, to avoid it wasting shots on already-decamoed bloons.