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Round 49 is a round that has appeared since Bloons TD 4. It consists of extremely high numbers of grouped Green Bloons, many Zebra Bloons, many Rainbow Bloons, many Ceramic Bloons, and a small group of Regrow Rainbows.


A constant stream of greens is present for the whole duration of the round (50 seconds). Groups of higher tier bloons are occasionally layered on top of the greens in the following order:

  1. 10 rainbows sent over 5.14 seconds
  2. 18 ceramics sent over 6.54 seconds (usually the deadliest part of the round)
  3. 20 zebras sent over 3.5 seconds
  4. 10 rainbows layered on top of 10 regrow rainbows, sent over 6.52 seconds

Beating the round completely gives $4,758 in cash, ignoring any bonus income towers.



It's either a cash-money round for income-per-pop farming or it's a round full of death for defenses that lack sufficient grouped popping power and quick popping. Be well-prepared against the various Ceramics and Rainbows that come by, and don't get unaware of the last Regrow Rainbows near the end of the wave.


  • Rubber to Gold and Monkey Town benefit a lot from this round at producing income. It is a high point in income gain relative to game stage. Try saving them up before this round.
  • Glaive Ricochet helps counter grouped bloons easily, and in fact benefits off the long lines of bloons.
  • Two 2-0-3 subs or a 4-0-2 ninja, either of them buffed by Stronger Stimulant, will have little trouble against Round 49.