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First MOAB-Class Bloon next round. Don't say you weren't warned!
~ BTD6 Pre-Round Comment on Round 40

Round 40 is a round in Bloons TD 6. It is the last round in Easy Difficulty. It is characterized by a single MOAB. Its Bloons TD 4 and Bloons TD 5 counterpart is Round 46.


Simply speaking, one MOAB spawns. On Easy Difficulty in BTD6, the Round 40 MOAB always spawns with only 66% health (133 instead of 200).



Round 40 can be a challenge for players with little to no experience, and players in Half-Cash Mode. Having an inadequate defense against MOAB-class and only focusing on countering Bloons can cause the downfall of a defense on Round 40.

Two MOABs reappear on Round 50 and appear on round 52 onwards.


MOAB and Ceramics:

  • With the assistance of an Ice Monkey or Psi, Deadly Precision can fight against a MOAB and their ceramics.
  • Benjamin, if placed sufficiently early enough, can affect the Round 40 MOAB with his Trojan. The trojan will prevent the MOAB from spawning any children.
  • Triple Guns buffed with Berserker Brew will do reliable damage to both the MOAB layer and the children. One may also upgrade the sub to Armor Piercing Darts for extra assurance.
  • Psi can stun the MOAB or its children to give the defense further time to inflict extra damage.


  • MOAB Mauler is among the cheapest but most effective anti-MOAB upgrades for Round 40. This is great for Half-Cash mode.
  • Deadly Precision is a popular countermeasure against Round 40, especially when upgraded to 3-0-2. It can damage the MOAB layer very well, to the point that it even works on True Experts on CHIMPS.
  • MOAB Shove is cheaper than Maim MOAB and solos the Round 40 MOAB layer as long as it keeps shoving the MOAB backwards.
  • Fighter Plane and Operation: Dart Storm are helpful counters to Round 40 because of their anti-MOAB missiles. Both can ignore Line of Sight and are not limited by range. However, both options are less cost-efficient at pure MOAB-class damage than an equivalent number of MOAB Maulers.
  • Monkey Pirates can pull down the Round 40 MOAB with no trouble. Just keep an eye out on its initial cooldown and avoid popping the MOAB early.


  • Sauda can instantly kill the MOAB's ceramic children with her Leaping Sword ability.
  • Psi on Expert Maps can level up naturally to instantly kill three of the MOAB ceramics, leaving the last one for the rest of the defense to handle.


  • After this round, the round lacks MOAB-Class Bloons for 9 rounds. On Round 50, it reveals one more MOAB than this round.
  • On the 64th Odyssey event, round 40 starts with one B.A.D. instead of one M.O.A.B. as usual.