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For the pre-BTD6 counterpart, see Round 38 (pre-BTD6).

Round 38 is the third-to-last round on Easy Difficulty in Bloons TD 6. While previous generations of Round 38 are very different, the Bloons TD 6 counterpart is characterized by various spaced rushes of White Bloons, Pink Bloons, Lead Bloons, and Zebra Bloons.


The round starts with a stream of White Bloons. As more White Bloons spawn, Pink Bloons appear starting from the middle of that White rush and will persist until around ~25s. For a short moment after the White Bloons spawn, Lead Bloons spawn. Just before leads finish spawning, Zebra Bloons start spawning for a while. There is approximately ~2s break before two finely spaced Ceramics appear one by one.


This is a test of a defense's ability to handle both Fast Bloons, intermediate-health bloons (in this case, Whites, Leads, Zebras), as well as introducing multi-health Ceramic Bloons. Defenses that can beat the previous Round 37 will likely be able to beat Round 38 if ignoring the new threat of adding two Ceramics.

Ceramics are tough to break if the focus is centered all about grouped damage and less about single-targets. For instance, Glaive Ricochet would do little help against them, and Cluster Bombs is not efficient against single-target Ceramics even if given Heavy Bombs. Slowdown attacks such as Ice Monkeys and Glue Gunners will help reduce Ceramic progress, to give time for other attacks to damage the Ceramics fully. Breaking off the high health of Ceramics is another important consideration to handle Ceramics; Sniper Monkeys with Path 1 upgrades are naturally good against standard Ceramics.


  • Sniper Monkeys are a helpful assistance for beating the Ceramics, given their high-damage single-target capabilities. If available, the Ceramic Shock MK point will greatly slow down the Ceramics once they get shot by the sniper. On the other hand, relying on Snipers for popping Leads will be a trouble on this round, given that Leads and Zebras will intermingle on the same round, unless crosspathed with Path 3.
  • Spike Factory may be useful for this round if worried about leaking some remains of the Ceramics. Don't rely on Spike Factories on this round, but rather use them as a last line of defense.
    • Spiked Balls is powerful against this round if using Spike Factories as a major form of popping power, given its high Ceramic damage, high pierce, and extra damage. Still keep the main defense focused on the frontline direct attackers, as a single Spiked Balls can't simply solo everything on this round.
  • It is helpful to add Berserker Brew for this round to give higher damage for DPS-oriented towers. Given that this round is roughly just as dense as the previous round, if not denser, and Ceramics need more than one hit to break off, multi-projectile options especially benefit off this particular Alch buff. The damage + pierce buffs from Berserker Brew is where Alch buff synergies come into play for the incoming mid-game.
  • Use of cheap slowdowns are effective for this round. Permafrost is among the cheapest pure slowdowns, next to lower-level Glue Gunners.
  • Freezing is useful for this round to deal with Ceramics, but this will not deal with the Whites or Zebras on this round.