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For the round's BTD5 counterpart, see Round 36 (BTD5).

Standard ABR

Round 36 is a round in Bloons TD 6. The round is characterized by three grouped rushes of Pink Bloons, with two rushes of Camo Regrow Green Bloons in between. It was buffed version from its Bloons TD 5 incarnation, adding much more pinks to each rush and also the addition of Camo Regrow Green Bloons.


A cluster of pinks followed by a few Regrow Camo Greens followed by a slightly bigger cluster of Pinks followed by a few Regrow Camo Greens followed by a bigger cluster of Pinks.



This round is a major test of whether a defense has sufficient Attack Speed and Pierce simultaneously. If the player's towers are too slow, they cannot deal much damage to the very fast Pink Bloons in the first place. But if the defense lacks pierce, the large number of Pinks might overwhelm the defense anyway. Due to these factors, Sniper Monkeys without Bouncing Bullet and Glue Gunners are again sidelined for this round, just like on Round 27. Similarly, tactics that rely on stockpiling on the spot will find this round difficult, specifically Spike Factory strategies without Long Life Spikes.

This round is rather dangerous on C.H.I.M.P.S. mode, particularly on harder maps where there might not be enough cash to afford towers capable of beating the pink rushes easily.


  • Wall of Fire, especially with the Lingering Magic MK point, has little trouble against the Pink Bloons during its uptime. Crosspathing it with Monkey Sense will also allow it to pop the Camo Greens as well. Still be careful to make sure that Wall of Fire's attack still has uptime in preparation for this round.
  • Glaive Ricochet crosspathed with Red Hot Rangs will reduce incoming groups of pinks into much slower greens in one hit.
  • Berserker Brew is of great aid to certain towers (like Sauda, Triple Guns, and Bloonjitsu) because it simultaneously increases pierce, damage, and attack speed at once; the combination of these buffs packs a punch against the pinks.
  • Try to make use of the Camo Prioritization option on certain camo-detecting towers (especially Night Vision Goggles) to allow those options to counter the Camo Regrow Greens.