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You saw one Camo Bloon back on round 24. Hope you're ready for more!
~ BTD6 Pre-Round Comment on Round 33

Round 33 is a round in Bloons TD 5 and Bloons TD 6. It is characterized by an assault of spaced Camo Yellow Bloons, accompanied by Camo Reds in BTD6.



There are 20 spaced Camo Yellows.


A group of 20 Camo Reds enter followed by 13 highly spaced Camo Yellows.


The main takeaway from this round is to never neglect camo detection, and a small reminder that Camo Bloons are not something to spend a few hundred dollars on for Round 24 to only be forgotten about.

In BTD5, a Sniper Monkey with Night Vision Goggles and Full Metal Jacket easily beat Round 33 alone. The camo Red Bloons seemed to be added into the round's BTD6 version in order to specifically hinder this strategy.

Other easily affordable ways of beating 33 are the Spike Factory, Crossbow, and low-tier Ninja Monkeys.

It is possible to leak every Camo Bloon in this round on any difficulty easier than Impoppable Difficulty and survive. If the player fails to take heed to Round 33's warning, however, Round 37 and Round 42 are soon ahead and will punish players even more for neglecting camo detection.