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Round 30 is a round introduced in Bloons TD 1, which also returns in future games. The modern version of Round 30 consists solely of a small group of spaced Lead Bloons, introduced in Bloons TD 4.


Round 30 simply contains a few spaced Leads, at least in modern versions of the series. In Bloons TD 4, there are 10 Leads, while both Bloons TD 5 and Bloons TD 6 have 9 spaced Leads.

Bloons TD 3 version features 60 Yellows and 28 Blacks instead of just Leads.


This is a continuation of testing lead-popping power of any type. Provided Round 28 is handled effectively, Round 30 shouldn't be a problem, unless on a multi-lane map or when relying on activation abilities such as Sauda's Leaping Strike or Admiral Brickell's Naval Tactics to guard against Leads.


  • Bomb Shooters may look tempting, but the Black Bloons inside cannot be damaged by simple explosions. In Bloons TD 6, adding Heavy Bombs will skip the Black Bloon layers, but in earlier games you'll need more than just Bomb Shooters to deal with these Black Bloons.
  • In Bloons TD 6, the cheapest lead-popper is the Alchemist, at $550. In Bloons TD 5, however, this goes to the Monkey Apprentice, at the same price (except Bloons TD Battles Mobile).
  • Sniper Monkeys with Full Metal Jacket will be very useful at chipping the Leads. Set them on Strong for this purpose.
  • Use Round 28 and Round 30 to take advantage of Lead to Gold's income bonuses. Round 30 earns a total of $450 if all Leads on this round are affected by Lead to Gold.
  • Using Sauda would be hard for Round 30, as these Leads are more spaced, and so a single Leaping Sword won't suffice without the initial strike hitting more than one Lead.