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Round 28 is a round introduced in Bloons TD 1, which also returns in future games. The modern version of Round 28 solely consists of a small amount of spaced Lead Bloons, introduced in Bloons TD 5.


The modern iteration of Round 28 simply consists of a few spaced Leads. In Bloons TD 5, there are 4 spawned, but in Bloons TD 6 the number of Leads has been increased to 6. Bloons TD 4 adds a few Zebra Bloons to the mix, while earlier games never featured Leads on the round.


This round is mainly a test of whether the defense has any lead-popping power of any type. Otherwise this round shouldn't be so difficult, except perhaps if the only lead-popping power is insufficient at dealing with the Leads.


  • Bomb Shooters may look tempting, but the Black Bloons inside cannot be damaged by simple explosions. In Bloons TD 6, adding Heavy Bombs will skip the Black Bloon layers, but in earlier games you'll need more than just Bomb Shooters to deal with these Black Bloons.
  • In Bloons TD 6, the cheapest lead-popper is the Alchemist, at $550. In Bloons TD 5, however, this goes to the Monkey Apprentice, at the same price (except Bloons TD Battles Mobile).
  • Sniper Monkeys with Full Metal Jacket will be very useful at chipping the Leads. Set them on Strong for this purpose.
  • The majority of Heroes will damage Leads without too much difficulty. The ones who have to watch out as a result of lack of early enough passive damage to Leads are Quincy, Etienne, Psi (on lower difficulty maps at least), Sauda, and Benjamin. Admiral Brickell also needs her mines to damage Leads without powering up her pistol with Naval Tactics, which may fail to recharge by Round 30.
  • Use Round 28 and Round 30 to take advantage of Lead to Gold's income bonuses. Round 28 earns a total of $300 if all Leads on this round are affected by Lead to Gold.