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Round 27 is a round introduced in Bloons TD 5, which also returns in Bloons TD 6. It is characterised by four dense rushes of low-level bloons.


Round 27 spawns four dense rushes of bloons in immediate succession. 100 Red Bloons enter first, then 60 Blue Bloons, then 45 Green Bloons, and finally 45 Yellow Bloons. The Yellow Bloon rush is slightly more spaced out than the other three.


This round is a major test of pierce. Towers without good pierce basically sit out this round as sitting ducks, given that they can be overwhelmed as the final wave approaches, if not sooner. While stockpiling is a viable strategy on this round, it is not an effective solution due to the fast heavy Yellow rush demolishing any mass stockpiles faster than can be regenerated. Direct area damage and high-pierce projectiles are effective against this round.


  • Airburst Darts, especially with other towers' range borrowed by Advanced Intel, is recommended if water is present on the map due to their adequate early-game pierce. On Quad however, it may need extra support since the four overlapping paths will stretch its reach thin.
  • Sniper Monkeys are completely useless against this round due to having only 1 pierce, with the exception of Shrapnel Shot and Bouncing Bullet snipers.
  • Glue Gunners' low pierce also make them sitting ducks against 27. Glue Splatter is also very expensive and inefficient for simply handling this round.
  • Don't rely on a Spike Factory for this round, as this round has a deceptively massive RBE count for such an early round. Round 27, with over 500 RBE, is the only round until Round 31 to exceed 300 RBE.
  • While not assisting in popping the Bloons, a level 4 Benjamin benefits greatly from this round (assuming non-CHIMPS games), as his Skimming will bring in $250 extra cash from this round alone, which can be quite a help in the early game.