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Round 2 is the second round of every Bloons TD game. Much like the previous round, this round only has Red Bloons in all appearances, albeit more than the precursor round and also slightly more grouped in Bloons TD 5 and Bloons TD 6. The amounts of Red Bloons vary by installment; initially 25 were spawned, but Bloons Tower Defense 2 increased it to 30 and Bloons TD 6 increased it again to 35.

In Bloons TD 6, the round cannot be naturally encountered on Hard Difficulty and its directly related game modes, as those modes start the player off on Round 3 or later.



This round should not be too hard if Round 1 was beaten well. If necessary, add more defense if there is enough money to do so. Otherwise, continue this round as normal.

In BTD6, there is likely a problem on Round 2 if on a map with multiple alternating lanes. In that case, add a cheap defense that handles any alternating lanes and any future rounds.


  • Using a Dart Monkey to beat this round is the most recommended option in any game. It is the cheapest possible tower option that also can solo this round.
  • There's enough starting cash in most game modes to start with two unupgraded Dart Monkeys, three in most games. It is recommended to use the money to put two Dart Monkeys in separate locations, so one Dart Monkey can catch bloons in one location while the other Dart Monkey pops bloons that the first Dart Monkey cannot do alone. In easier tracks, placing one Dart Monkey where it touches the track twice is usually enough to beat the round.