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Round 15 is a round introduced in Bloons TD 6. It is characterised by the introduction of Pink Bloons, alongside streams of every other Bloon introduced so far.


Round 15 begins with a stream of spaced Red Bloons, then adds Blue Bloons to the stream, then Greens on top of that, then Yellows, and finally 5 Pink Bloons, the stream finishing shortly after the Pinks spawn.


Round 15 is a tricky round, due to the large number of stacked bloons as well as the addition of the high speed Yellows and Pinks. High pierce or high damage towers tend to clear the round easily, like Airburst Darts or even Twin Guns.


  • As mentioned above, a single Airburst Darts will steamroll the entirety of the round, due to its high attack rate.
  • On maps where water is limited or zero, a 2-0-1 Ninja Monkey will help with defeating the round, and, on easier maps, solo it.
  • Other moderate-high pierce/damage towers like Triple Shot will also be invaluable against this round.