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Round 140 is the final predetermined round in Bloons TD 6 before randomly generated rounds begin. It was originally a round with random Bloon spawns until update 26.0. It is characterized by 2 BADs, the first being Fortified.


The round consists of 2 BADs. The first BAD, arriving at the beginning of the round, is Fortified, and 45 seconds later the second, non-Fortified BAD will appear.

Round 140 is somewhat very dangerous round when you don't have sustainable anti-BAD defense. This round will be an instant death when you heavily rely on stalling methods on Rounds 131, 135, and 138 without specific BAD countermeasures. For some strategies, you can't even destroy the Fortified BAD's outer layer at all.

On 27.0 and 33.0 update, this round got a lot easier due to freeplay health scaling from rounds 125 to 250 have been reduced and cash from bloons on rounds 101-120 have been increased. Still this round requires sufficient anti-BAD defense.

Round 140 is one of the few Rounds where a Fortified BAD naturally appears, with the others being Round 100 (ABR) & Round 200.

"Rounds" shows the round range that spawns certain bloon(s), "length" shows the duration of that bloon wave spawns or cooldown between the other bloon waves. In this code it has 2700 frames of cooldown between a fortified B.A.D. and a B.A.D.

( "rounds": [140, 140], "bloon": "f-bad", "count": 1, "length": 2700.0 },

( "rounds": [140, 140], "bloon": "bad", "count": 1, "length": 2700.0 }



As the first introduction of the Fortified BAD, it provides a true single-target damage check for players going into freeplay, due to the fortified BAD having extremely high outer layer health; 200,000, to be precise. Like all BAD rounds, single-target damage is key to beating it.


  • Strong single-target towers like Plasma Monkey Fan Club and a Shinobi Tactics supported Grandmaster Ninja are useful.
  • Level 20 Ezili's MOAB Hex is very useful for beating the Fortified BAD, and is frequently used in Freeplay CHIMPS due to this capability making the round 140 FBAD easy to deal with.
  • Megalodon can also beat this round with ease, since their instakill ignores health modifiers from fortified bloon modifiers. This is also affordable in CHIMPS, as long as you spare a lot of money.
  • Similarly, the Navarch of the Seas's ability can single-handedly deal with both BADs, with its hook able to instantly defeat both of them due to the gap between their spawn times.
  • On harder maps with low RBS, you must fully pop a Fortified BAD before the second BAD appears, as their intervals between two BADs on this round are very long. Fortified BAD can pass through the track in this round before the second BAD appears when the track consists less than 19.3 RBS.
    • When the track consists less than 8.57 RBS, then it also requires extra raw power even you have level 20 Ezili. You need to deal at least 110,000 raw damage to beat Round 140 in Blons. Once a Fortified BAD gets fully popped, the second BAD might be beaten with ease.
    • If this is an issue for beating a Fortified BAD, then use M.A.D. or Pop and Awe, as they deals huge amount of damage to Fortified BAD. M.A.D. deals large amount of extra damage to blimps, and Pop and Awe deals extra damage to MOAB-Class Bloons, Fortified Bloons, and even more damage to BAD or higher bloons.

Version History[]

  • Change Round 140 is now a preset round.
  • NERF Round 140 now contains Fortified BAD (since Rounds until 199 don't contain Fortified BADs prior to 26.0)
  • BUFF Round 140 now doesn't contain any other blimps randomly. (removed RNG sources from bloon spawns, resulting player to get more efficient strategy)
  • BUFF Round 140 Fortified BAD health reduced (232,000 -> 200,000) upon ramping formula changes (20% -> 15%)


  • Before Round 140 was a preset round, Round 200 was the first non-ABR round to have Fortified BADs, as BADs weren't allowed to be Fortified prior to Round 200 at the time.
  • There is a meme of this round "140-fied BAD", the combination of "One-hundred forty" and "Fortified BAD". Therefore, this round can be also considered as the special round which is referencing: BAD (100) + Forty(40)-fied = Fortified BAD (140).
    • Also of note is that when said out loud, it sounds like "One Fortified BAD", of which is sent in the level (alongside a normal BAD). A normal BAD after a Fortified BAD spawns after 45 seconds too.