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Round 130 is a round in Bloons TD 6. It is the 30th true Freeplay Mode round, and was added in Version 26.0 as part of the second set of new pre-determined Freeplay rounds. Masses of MOABs, Fortified MOABs, DDTs, and Fortified DDTs appear on this round. Some of these groups will be hyperstacked.


12 stacked MOABs spawn, then 9 stacked Fortified MOABs spawn alongside the group of 27 DDTs. After that, it spawns stack of 12 MOABs, 9 Fortified MOABs, 12 MOABs, and 9 DDTs in order. Next, stack of 3 Fortified DDTs, and 6 DDTs spawn and this repeats once, alongside the group of 48 MOABs. Finally, very dense group of 48 Fortified MOABs spawn at the end of the round.



The main problem of this round is the amount of stacked MOABs and DDTs. The last single Fortified MOAB is actually a stack of 48 of them. There is also a stack of 9 DDTs somewhere in the middle of the round. However, this shouldn't be such a problem, because right after this, there will be a massive rush of Fortified ZOMGs, far tougher than MOABs and DDTs. This round has similar difficulty as Round 128, where very dense group of 39 Fortified DDTs spawn.


Version History[]

  • Change Round 130 is now a pre-determined round.


  • MOABs come in threes in this round, just like many previous freeplay rounds with MOABs.
  • It is possible to determine the exact numbers of DDTs and Fortified DDTs by doing the following:
  1. Getting a tower other than The Anti-Bloon to obliterate the MOABs and Fortified MOABs
  2. Get The Anti-Bloon without camo detection.
  3. Obliterate groups of DDTs and Fortified DDTs for each and every group.
  4. Calculate the number of DDTs and Fortified DDTs popped based on their health. Note that on Round 130 a DDT will have 1460 health while a Fortified DDT will have 2920 health, and therefore the use of The Anti-Bloon ability can destroy every DDT and Fortified DDT on that round due to the ability inflicting 5000 damage and penetrating through blimps.