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Round 119 is a round in Bloons TD 6. It is the 19th true Freeplay Mode round, and was one of the fixed Freeplay rounds added in Version 25.0. It is characterised by 3 spaced-out BADs.


Simply speaking, 3 BADs spawn. Two of the BADs come in in the first 10 seconds, and the third shows up 15 seconds later.

{ "rounds": [119, 119], "bloon": "bad", "count": 1, "length": 600.0 },

{ "rounds": [119, 119], "bloon": "bad", "count": 1, "length": 900.0 },

{ "rounds": [119, 119], "bloon": "bad", "count": 1, "length": 900.0 }



This is quite a tough round, as each BAD has 47,000 health in their outer layer alone. Strategies to defeat BADs in general will need to be implemented. Sustained single-target damage is very important on this round. In terms of play on Boss Events, try to use this round as the final chance to set up special abilities and the last amounts of Paragon pops before the Tier 5 Boss.


  • Try to use towers that deals massive damage to MOABs, like MOAB Eliminator, First Strike Capability. You will also need some cooldown reduction because you need to deal with second and third BAD on this round too. Primary Expertise is also recommended on this round, when you mainly use MOAB Eliminator to pop BAD's outer layer and tier 5 ice monkeys to deal with ZOMGs and DDTs inside them.
  • Navarch of the Seas should have almost no trouble on this round, as it has its hook ability to instakill two of the BADs with no trouble. Note that its ability is capped to two uses per round, so the third needs to be damaged with raw power.
  • Nautic Siege Core can one-shot every BADs on this round. Note that final strike ability requires 15 seconds preparation, so you need to use it on proper timing to instakill all BADs at once.
  • Ezili is also the good choice to beat this round easily. However, you still need some raw power to deal against multiple BADs on short tracks like Bloody Puddles. This strategy also works on Round 140 aswell.
  • Megalodon can be also the way to beat this round with ease, and is able to afford in CHIMPS at this point, but not highly recommended. This method also works on Round 140, just like Ezili does.
  • M.A.D. can also perform reliable damage to BADs, as this tower can deal extra damage to MOABs.

Version History[]

Round 119 has been changed twice, excluding Round 101+ Freeplay changes.

Note: It is impossible to determine non-subjectively as to whether these changes are "buffs" or "nerfs", as the definition of a buff or nerf may vary, more specifically because the extra popped bloons may give more money and therefore can be considered a slight buff or nerf depending on how such a change is viewed.

  • Change Round 119 is now a pre-determined round.
  • Change BAD count increased (2 → 3)
To encourage challenge diversity using the new extended list of preset rounds in freeplay, we have decided to make a tweak to freeplay income tax to drop it off slightly slower and allow a little more cash to be earned naturally in this range.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Income-per-pop percentage increased (2% → 5%)


  • This round is the second round that spawns BADs in normal gameplay.
  • After this round, the round lacks DDTs for 6 rounds.
  • After this round, no BADs spawn for 20 rounds again. However, as Round 140 spawns a Fortified BAD, you'd better prepare much more sustainable anti-BAD sources before Round 140.
  • On release, many players found it puzzling why Round 119 was so much more notable and harder than 120. This is likely because it builds up to the Tier 5 Boss Bloon appearance on Round 120.
  • On Week 156 Boss Bloon Event, Round 119 featured 4 BADs instead of 3. The last two BADs are very close together. This is because Week 156 Boss Event used Alternate Bloons Rounds game mode, so Rounds 101-140 are modified to be considerably harder. Round 140 also spawns one extra BAD at the end as well, and they are almost stacked too.