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Standard ABR
It wasn't that BAD was it?
~ BTD6 Pre-Round Comment on ABR Round 100, referencing ABR Round 99's BAD

Round 100 is a round in Bloons TD 6, but this time as the Alternate Bloons Rounds counterpart. It is characterized by a single Fortified BAD.


Simply speaking, one Fortified BAD spawns. It will move as slow as a ZOMG but is immune to all forms of slowdown and knockback, and insanely resistant to instakills (it can be killed by Level 20 Ezili's MOAB Hex, Megalodon's instakill attack, the Legend of the Night's portal, and the Navarch of the Seas's hook ability, however).

In normal games, the game will reward the player with an Insta-Monkey if they beat this round.



As a Fortified BAD spawns on this round, it requires sustainable single-target damage to beat this round. This round is generally harder than Round 100, but easier than Round 119' 3 BADs.


This round has similar difficulty as Round 100 in Apopalypse, which spawns endless stream of randomized waves of MOAB-Class Bloons alongside a BAD. However, this time there is just a single BAD with a fortified variant, which requires even more single-target damage than normal gameplay, or Apopalypse Round 100 counterpart.

Treat this round like normal Round 100 in Double HP MOABs. Use monkeys that deals extra damage to MOABs (extra damage to BADs if necessary) as much as you can.




  • If the player quit during Round 100 and beats the round in subsequent attempts, the insta-monkey would not be given. This was a bug that persisted across many versions, especially before a Version 8.0 exploit fix that rewarded infinite Insta-Monkeys. The bug involving not getting an Insta-Monkey on Round 100 was fixed in Version 26.0.
  • Rounds 101-140 in Alternate Bloons Rounds are still randomly generated, so be careful if you go over Round 100 in this game mode. One good thing is that randomly-generated rounds don't contain dense DDT rushes like Round 106, Round 118, Round 128, or Round 138.
    • Since Round 100 in this game mode featured a Fortified BAD, the beginning stage of true freeplay shouldn't pose a problem, as their waves aren't very difficult.
    • The reason why there is a link to Round 101/ABR in Round Chronology is since that Rounds 101-140 in normal gameplay are pre-determined, which means that possibility of Alternate Bloons Rounds 101-140 being pre-determined due to subsequent updates exists.
    • The first boss featured in Alternate Bloons Rounds is Bloonarius on Week 156, which uses their own preset rounds on Rounds 101-140. Some rounds intentionally spawn less bloons with fortified modifiers to give reduced amount of cash, and there are more rounds with DDTs. Also heavy DDT rounds are modified to have more Fortified DDTs or making their waves even more dense. Round 119 and Round 140 have one more BAD at the end of the round (2 BADs spawn with 1 second interval).