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Round 100 is a round in Bloons TD 6. It is the last round in Impoppable Difficulty and CHIMPS. It is characterized by a single BAD.


Simply speaking, one BAD spawns. It will move as slow as a ZOMG but is immune to all forms of slowdown and knockback, and extremely resistant to instakills (can be killed by Level 20 Ezili's MOAB Hex, Megalodon's drag attack, or Navarch of the Seas' claw, or absorbed by Legend of the Night's portal, however). As all MOAB-class bloons receive +40% health and speed due to Freeplay Mode ramping, the BAD has 28,000 HP on this round.

In normal games, the game will reward the player with an Insta-Monkey if they beat this round.



Round 100 is a difficult round for certain CHIMPS loadouts that depend on slowdown/knockback strategies. Single-target damage is a valuable asset for this round so that the BAD layer can pop before the BAD can rush through the majority of the player's central defense. Focus all damage on the BAD so that it can pop faster, as pure damage is the only viable strategy for destroying the BAD. Take care of the DDTs and ZOMGs that spawn out, especially if the only decamo sources are right at the front of the defense. Also be sure to keep the defenses not too close to the entrance, as the ZOMGs spawning out of the BAD can be quite deadly too.


  • First Strike Capability is the single-best counter to Round 100. Its ability deals 10,000 damage to the BAD. If dealt enough damage, the ability can kill the BAD and its insides in one go. Proper timing of the ability is necessary to kill a whole BAD in one go, and focus other defenses on the BAD to give the First Strike with a head-start.
    • On longer maps, the BAD can be dealt with two First Strike Capability abilities from the same Sub if supported by a Bloontonium Reactor nearby for 15% reduced ability cooldowns.
    • This strategy also works with using Level 20 Admiral Brickell instead of x-4-x Monkey Sub.
  • In the absence of a First Strike, a charged 0-4-2 Spike Storm activated at the start of the round can deal a huge amount of damage to the BAD. This is at least twice the damage compared to a 2-4-0 Spike Storm.
    • 2-4-0 Spike Storm has greater reliability at damaging BADs because of a lack of a tight usage window to maximize spikes, and it can damage the DDTs underneath the BAD once the BAD layer pops. 2-4-0 Spike Storm can also be used in earlier late-game rounds to deal with DDT rounds.
  • Using MOAB Eliminator and 3 MOAB Assassins with 5-2-0 village can let you beat this round with ease, as Bomb Shooters are primary towers. Using MOAB Eliminator ability five times is enough to destroy a BAD's outer layer. When DDTs spawn from a BAD, use 3 MOAB Assassin abilities quickly. Then destroy 2 ZOMGs' outer layer by using MOAB Eliminator ability twice. After that, one-shot a single BFB and destroy 3 BFBs' outer layer by using every abilities. Leftover MOABs can be easily handled by Primary Expertise's mega ballista attack.
  • Use of a Grand Saboteur right before Round 100 starts will inflict an instant 7000 damage to the BAD as the blimp approaches the screen, as this is precisely a reduction of 25% from the Round 100 BAD layer's health. Don't exit out of the game, otherwise this specific anti-BAD strategy will no longer work.
  • Charge any anti-BAD abilities well before Round 100 starts, preferably before the start of Round 99, so that the abilities can properly recharge towards Round 100 on time.
  • The best non-ability tower for Round 100 is the M.A.D, shooting extremely damaging missiles that deal huge damage to any blimp including BADs. Just 51 successful hits with the main missiles is enough to destroy the BAD layer. Have other towers to handle the insides, especially the Super Ceramics underneath, but a proper usage of the MAD Rocket Storm ability should handle those bloons with little trouble. Pairing M.A.D with Overclock is highly recommended.
  • Using Pop and Awe and many Artiliery Batteries might be helpful, as they deal extra damage to BADs.
  • Level 20 Ezili can beat the BAD easily, assuming the MOAB Hex is not under cooldown. One cannot naturally get her Level 20 ability by pure leveling; it costs money to buy her Level 20 upgrade to get there.
    • Actually, with maximum Hero MK, Level 20 Ezili on Intermediate Maps can naturally be achieved if placed from Round 3 to Round 100. For CHIMPS, however, she will never reach Level 20 naturally unless paired with Energizer, even on Expert Maps.



  • If the player quitted during Round 100 and beats the round in subsequent attempts, the insta would not be given. This was a bug that persisted across many versions, especially before a Version 8.0 exploit fix that rewarded infinite Instas. The bug involving not getting Round 100 Insta was fixed in Version 26.0.
  • On the 64th Odyssey event, round 100 starts with 3? zero-spaced Fortified B.A.D.s coming alongside with a dense rush of Fortified D.D.Ts.
  • After this round, the round lacks BADs for 18 rounds. On Round 119, it reveals two more BADs than this round.
  • This is one of the few rounds where it is pre-determined on Apopalypse. Other rounds (163, 200, 263, and 10000 onwards) which are pre-determined on Apopalypse are also spawn same bloons in normal games.