For the BTD5 counterpart, see Robo Monkey (BTD5).
Half Super Monkey, half killer robot of death. Shoots from 2 guns at once!
~ Official BTD6 description

Robo Monkey is the third Path 2 upgrade for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 6. Upgrading to Robo Monkey grants the Super Monkey with a pair of independently shooting guns from each arm, with each dart dealing increased pierce (6 instead of 2). Unlike BTD5, it cannot pop Frozen or Lead unless Path 1 upgrades are bought. Each arm has separate target priority, the left arm controlled at the top setting, and the right arm controlled by the bottom setting. However, both arms cannot use the same target priority, unlike in BTD5.

It costs $5,950 on Easy, $7,000 on Medium, $7,560 on Hard, and $8,400 on Impoppable.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Robo Monkey is arguably a decent midgame upgrade, but fierce competition means that it gets outclassed in many aspects. For example, the forced dual targeting and double Alchemist buff usage can make it even less desirable when compared to its cousins Sun Avatar or Dark Knight. It also lacks the capability to transition into a good upgrade, as Tech Terror is comparatively weak for its cost. Overall, it is decent and usable, but is frequently outclassed. Try to make full use of its large range, ability to be fully discounted by Monkey Commerce villages, and synergies with Alchemist and Obyn Greenfoot buffs when using it.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • 2-3-0 Robo Monkey is generally better for the +2 pierce and double attack speed, though occasionally 0-3-2 performs better due to the knockback power of the Knockback upgrade and camo detection from Ultravision.
    • While 2-3-0 is able to pop lead and frozen but unable to pop purples and camo, 0-3-2 is unable to pop lead and frozen but able to pop purples and camo.
  • It benefits from Alchemist buffs, but as mentioned above it uses them twice as fast as both arms will consume the Alchemist buff.
  • Interestingly, the 0-3-2 crosspath can be used to intentionally not pop Leads to pair with Rubber to Gold's Lead to Gold effects. Combined with the knockback effects, decent pierce, and relatively good damage versus MOAB-class, the 0-3-2 Robo Monkey excels at providing cleanup while simultaneously minimizing dissynergy with Rubber to Gold, as long as it is placed out of range of the track entrance(s).
  • Generally speaking, setting a Robo Monkey to First and Close (i.e. right arm on First and left arm on Close) is the most useful target priority for a single Robo Monkey in most scenarios.
    • For specifically targeting MOAB-class bloons, Strong and Close is generally the most optimal choice for dealing damage to as many MOAB-class bloons as possible.

Version History[edit | edit source]

Initial Release (from BTD5)
  • Change balloon.png Arms are now alternating depending on the right arm's setting: First/Last or Close/Strong.
  • Buff.png Robo Monkey has +1 pierce (4 --> 6; the new Epic Range buff automatically adds +1 pierce on top)
  • Buff.png Robo Monkey can now use separate target priorities on both arms.
  • Buff.png Robo Monkey costs less ($9,000 --> $7,000)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The 0-3-2 Super Monkey upgrade is often referred to by fans as the "ISAB Monkey".
  • By default, when Robo Monkey is purchased, Robo Monkey's left arm will be set on Last, while its right arm remains at whatever target priority the original Super Monkey was using, unless the right arm is set on Last. If the original target priority was set on Last, its left arm will set on First instead by default.
  • Although difficult, it is possible to achieve 2MPC with the 0-3-2 Robo Monkey, as shown here on In the Loop.
  • In BTD5, Robo Monkey's arms are all the same targeting, but the BTD6 Robo Monkey's arms all have different targeting.
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