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The Robo-Monkey visor infuses the equipped characters [sic] attack with lead popping bionic energy.
~ BATTD description
Robo-Monkey Visor

Description before potential collecting of the trinket (before the description change)

The Robo-Monkey Visor is a Super Rare Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It allows the equipped character to pop Frozen Bloons, Lead Bloons, and Ghost Bloons. It can be equipped by ranged characters (Princess Bubblegum, Supermonkey, Captain Cassie, Flame Princess, Ice King, Hunter Marceline, Max, C4 Charlie, Commander Cassie, Juggernaut Max, Sai, Sam).


Robo-Monkey Visor is the BTD5 Robo Monkey's visor. Similar to BTD5's Robo Monkey, it allows the equipped character to pop Frozen Bloons and Lead Bloons, alongside Ghost Bloons added in Bloons Adventure Time TD. While not stated, it also allows explosives to pop black bloons.


Using this on characters who have great ways to damage MOAB-Class Bloons like Sai the Shadow is recommend, as ghost MOAB Bloons are hard to take down due to having little ways to massively damage them. Putting this on a character that lacks ways to damage lead, black, frozen, ghost, like Captain Cassie is also a good idea.

Note that this trinket does not affect C4 Charlie against ghost bloons, although Glob's Helmet will let him pop ghost bloons.


  • Robo Monkey Visor does not let C4 Charlie pop Ghost Bloons with any of his main projectiles. This is not the case with Glob's Helmet.


  • Despite initially not mentioning popping of Ghost Bloons, it allows the equipped character to pop Ghost Bloons too. The mention of popping Ghost Bloons started since around Version 1.4.1.
  • The BTD5 Robo Monkey pops Leads by default, but the BTD6 Robo Monkey does not.