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River Run is the second track under the adventure Cyclops.


River Run features a long flowing river. Bloons go on both paths simultaneously and start from the left under the bridge and exit towards the right edge of the screen. Each lane has its own loops where bloons loop once. The top lane has a loop near the entrance and another loop closer to the exit. The bottom lane has two loops that are slightly rightwards from the top lane's leftmost loop and another loop that is much closer to the exit than the top lane's right loop. Inside the loops are large rocks in the water that allows the placing of land towers. The shores of the river also provide land tower space.


As a map primarily comprised of water, Dive Suit is very useful for providing both water placement and an extra +20% attack speed. Otherwise, placement is difficult on this map.


  • The first ZOMG and BAD spawns on the top lane.


  • River Run is based on the Acid River from the main Adventure Time series. However, this version of the river does not dissolve towers placed in it.
  • The Talking Bush makes an appearance on the bottom shore of the river.
  • The Trap Bridge on the left edge of the screen is actually a sentient creature from the main Adventure Time series.
  • Towers that are placed on the river do not get pushed around by its current.