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New intermediate track and Daily Challenge Vaults! River Rapids is a brand new intermediate track taking the fight against bloons to rough waters. You'll need to use the limited space strategically if you want to get far! The Daily Challenge Vaults for March through to June have been added. Jump in to test your BTD5 skills!
~ June 21th 2016 update description

River Rapids is an Intermediate Track in Bloons Tower Defense 5 which was released in an update on July 21, 2016. It was also released later on BTD5 Mobile.


This track is another water-dominant track, as it has a large body of river water with a large number of small rocky islands. Such small rocky islands make it difficult for large-footprint landbased towers such as Mortar Towers, Dartling Guns, and Banana Farms. However, such large amount of water may make it useful for water-based towers, particularly with spamming in Monkey Subs.

Bloons enter from either path on the left side. Bloons that enter from the top-left path exit through the lower path, while bloons that enter from the bottom-left path exit through the higher path, at which they cross over near the start.

There is also some animated steam around some part of the track, which no tower can be placed on.


Name Awesome Points Image
River Rapids Bronze AwesomeIcon10 River Rapids Bronze
River Rapids Silver AwesomeIcon25 River Rapids Silver
River Rapids Gold AwesomeIcon50 River Rapids Gold


Monkey Money Rewards
Monkey-Money Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
First Time $150
Completed $30

Token Rewards
Easy Medium Hard
Token 2 Token 3 Token 4


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  • With the River Rapids update, all of the Advanced Tracks (12 Advanced Tracks) fit along 2 6-slot pages without overlaps onto other pages.
    • This same River Rapids update also made all of that time's Expert Tracks (9 Expert Tracks) and that time's Extreme Tracks (3 Extreme Tracks) combined to fit on 2 6-slot pages combined.
  • River Rapids was not officially announced until one day after its soft-release.
  • The additional track WILL NOT affect Mastery Mode unlocks if the player had previously unlocked it.