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River Bed is an Advanced Difficulty track in Bloons Tower Defense 4.


The track has three separate paths, but they are very close together. In practice, this results in a very wide path for the bloons to follow, creating spread-out bloon formations similar to the first 3 BTD games. This also results in two spaced bloons appearing to spawn at the same time.

Its appearance is a dried up river with some rocks on it. There is some grass and stone near it.


Main article: River Bed/Strategies
  • Monkey Aces are effective at clearing hordes of bloons in the early game, although they are prone to missing a few bloons.
  • Because this is effectively a single-lane map, Spike Factories are very useful for guarding the exit.


  • The track appears to be in the shape of an Omega symbol.
  • The MochiCoins description of this track calls it simply "Stream Track".