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For the similar river track, see Snake River.
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River is a Track that was going to be added in Bloons TD 5 Mobile, but was never implemented in the game. This Track was mentioned in the description for the update, but Workshop took its place. It is based on a long, curvy river, gradually curving to the top and to the bottom. There's a lot of water, making it a good place for Monkey Buccaneers. There's 1 entrance and 1 exit in this track.


  • This track is one of the most water filled tracks in the entire BTD series.
  • This is one of six river tracks in the BTD series excluding BMC, the others being River Bed, Snake River, River Rapids, Downstream, Bloom and River Run
  • This is the first track that was rendered unimplemented.
  • This track is similar to the tiles in BMC.