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Upgrade to a fast firing burst tower that shoots a deadly ring of flame instead of tacks.
~ BTD5 description
Shoots a deadly ring of flame instead of tacks.
~ BTDB Mobile description

Ring of Fire is the fourth and final upgrade of the top/left path in Bloons TD 5. It is a tier 4 upgrade unlocked at Rank 22. The Ring of Fire is effective at popping swarms of bloons, but it cannot detect Camo Bloons without other special towers around it. Unlike firing tacks in 8 or 16 directions like its previous upgrades, it shoots fire in a solid ring surrounding the whole tower, popping bloons that touch it or come very close to it.

In Bloons Monkey City, the Thermite Plant unlocked at level 18 is required to research this upgrade for 10,500 cash. On the Flash version, this upgrade also costs 50 Bloonstones BloonstoneIcon, like all Tier 4 upgrades.

The Ring of Fire shoots out a ring of fire that can pop Lead Bloons and Frozen Bloons, deals 1 damage, and can pop up to 60 Bloons per shot. The Ring of Fire also increases the Tack Shooter's range by 10 and doubles its attack speed. However, it cannot detect or target Camo Bloons unless there is a Radar Scanner or a Meerkat Spy. It is almost the same as it was in Bloons TD 4 Mobile, but attacks noticeably faster than the Flash BTD4 variant. In Bloons Monkey City Mobile, multiple pierce from pierce buffs allows it to deal damage to Ceramic Bloons multiple times.

In BTD5, this upgrade costs $2125 on Easy, $2500 on Medium, $2700 on Hard and $3000 on Impoppable. In Bloons Monkey City Mobile, it costs $3500.



The Ring of Fire fires at a rate slightly faster than a Tack Shooter, and there are no holes in its range (sometimes, some of the bloons can slip between the tacks). If you pack many Rings of Fire together, even Ceramic Bloons can be popped in a few seconds, although you will need 2 at a minimum. Although not the most effective against M.O.A.Bs, they still do deal some damage to them. They usually do not perform too well when facing packed MOABs.


  • This upgrade is the most useful for shutting down bloon rushes. Keeping 3 in a corner is enough to destroy a densely packed group of Regrow Ceramic Bloons on maps with good curves.
  • Just like the Ray of Doom, when it reaches its pierce limit, the projectile will still go over the bloons but not pop them, unlike most other projectiles which vanish when they reach their max pierce.
  • A Ring of Fire can pop Rainbow Bloons if placed on a curve with good coverage, but it's weaker to Ceramic Bloons. Ceramics can be dealt with easier by building tack sprayers nearby, or other towers that excel against Ceramics.
  • This upgrade may sometimes be a downgrade, mainly because it deals less damage to MOAB-Class Bloons, and it's weaker against spaced Ceramic Bloons, because the Tack Sprayer shoots out 16 tacks each doing one damage.








  • [BTD5, BMC, BTDB Flash]: Range benefits have no effects on the fire ring projectile in the flash games, causing it to not hit bloons if given range bonuses beyond just Extra Range Tacks. Does not affect Ring of Fire in the Mobile games.
  • [BMC Mobile]: Ring of Fire creates multiple projectiles when given pierce bonuses, enabling it to deal damage to multi-health external layer bloons multiple times such as Ceramics and MOABs.


  • In September 29, 2013, the Ring of Fire could pop 2 layers and up to 180 bloons per shot and its price was increased to $3500. However, on October 26, 2013, it was reverted back to original, but with a slightly faster speed.
  • In Bloons Monkey City it is shown that the ring of fire upgrade uses thermite, an extremely hot liquid that is practically liquid metal. It would take extremely large amounts of heat and power to get the thermite as far as it does in the game.