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Reviewing a defense after completing CHIMPS successfully

Review Map is a feature added in Bloons TD 6 in Version 28.0. It allows players to review their game, including all towers and their upgrades. It is basically a read-only mode for game material, allowing players to view their defenses and take analysis of them.

While the Review Map menu is active, players can only read information of the game when it has paused at the point in time where the player won or lost. It includes currently placed towers and heroes, as well as any bloons left if the player has lost. Any already removed obstacles (or built buildings in High Finance) are shown in their removed states, but any obstacles removed during their animation will be shown on the first frame at which the action was done. Conveniently, any end-of-round text such as Merchantmen end-of-round cash, life-healing Benjamin's Cybersecurity also freeze in place. Miscellaneous game UI such as the number of lives (including active Mana Shield, if available), current cash, round counter, Race Event timer, and so on will be shown on the Review Map menu too.

To exit the Review Map menu, simply press the Continue button, marked with an icon of a magnifying glass.

Note: Covered Garden does not allow selection of towers underneath the glass under any circumstance including during Review Map.


Version History[]


It is unclear if this is a change or a nerf, but it can be seen both ways.

  • Change Review Map is no longer available in Apopalypse Mode.


  • Troubles from the Version 22.0 Challenge Editor forced players to quit their existing game, which made it hard to go back to the game to check each tower's ending stats. The new Review Map feature addresses this specific problem while keeping up a consistent UI.