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Reverse Mode is a mode in Bloons Tower Defense 5 and Bloons Tower Defense 6 which was added on 15th November 2012. In this mode, every bloon appears from the exit and exits at the entrance. When a player completes a track in reverse, they get a green reverse medal for that track. Reverse Mode cannot be in Daily Challenges (BTD5 only) or Special Missions (also BTD5 only).

In BTD5, players do not get extra Monkey Money for completing a track in reverse, only the reverse medal is rewarded and nothing else.

In BTD6, bloons spawn in reverse order (e.g. on Round 24, the Blue Bloons appear before the Camo Green Bloon). Players earn the equivalent to Medium Difficulty rewards, and is a separate reward to Standard Medium.

Version History (BTD6)[]

  • Change Reverse Mode spawning order of bloons has been reversed.




  • Version 1.4 in Bloons TD 5 Mobile added The Great Divide along with Reverse Mode.
  • It is possible to win two medals at once in BTD5 if Reverse Mode is completed on a track which selected difficulty hasn't been completed before.
  • Sometimes, Reverse Mode will make a track easier (ex. Crypt Keeper or Adora's Temple) or it will sometimes make a track harder (ex: Snake River or Dark Castle) or doesn't affect the track difficulty (ex: The Great Divide or Haunted).
  • You do not get a different or extra amount of monkey money for completing a map on reverse in BTD5 Flash or BTD5 Mobile.
  • Reverse is one of two modes that can be enabled on any difficulty, the other being Fast-Track Mode. However, unlike Fast-Track Mode, Reverse Mode is free.
    • In BTD6, Reverse Mode can only be played on Medium. It also features a reversed spawning order for each round. However, Reverse Mode on Easy and Hard are possible to be set in the Challenge Editor.
  • There are several achievements available relating to this mode: The Reverser, Adept Reverser, Advanced Reverser, Expert Reverser, Extreme Reverser, Strike That Reverse It, and Reverse Perfection.