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Reverse Gravity

Reverse Gravity Bloon


Eyeliner, a stage with a reverse gravity bloon in Frosty Fun.

Not to be confused with the Zebra Bloon.

Reverse Gravity Bloons are bloons that reverse gravity, hence the name. Once hit, gravity does not return to normal until the next level or another Reverse Gravity Bloon is hit. They look like white bloons with a black hypnotizing symbol on them. They can be frozen. They look somewhat like a Zebra Bloon, covered with only black and white on them. The Darts will fly as if the entire map except for the monkey was flipped upside down. The Monkey will grab on to a random piece of grass that appears under it with its tail, and Monkey Aces will fly upside-down and their pilots will parachute upwards when/if their plane explodes. Bees will also fly upside-down.


  • Up is the first level to have a Reverse Gravity Bloon.