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This page contains tips/strategies for Resort.


  • A well placed 4-0-2 Sub can provide camo detection and camo popping to the inner rings
  • The innermost ring is well suited to short range towers such as Sauda or a Tack Shooter
  • This is the second longest track in the game behind Logs, but can exceed Logs in terms of Line of Sight
    • This makes Resort an overall better map for long range military towers, such as Snipers, Subs, and Helis
      • This also makes it the ideal map to complete the achievement Axis of Havoc on.
  • Pat Fusty can be fit in the pool of water such that it can also reach any towers that are placed on the left of inside the small square on the right.


Track: Resort easy round 104 win[]

You need 1 Pirate Monkey of 2/2/0 and 1 monkey town of 0/2/0.

Place the Pirate Monkey in the lake at the left side near the top edge, skill it at 2/2/0. Then you place the Monkey town near to the Pirate monkey on the beach, skill it at 0/2/0.

Enjoy your free Insta-Monkey at Round 100

Resort "4 Out" Strategy[]

This strategy is known to work on Hard at maximum, it cannot work on Impoppable unless optimized.

Starting the Strategy[]

Start by placing a Tack Shooter on the top corner next to the water and upgrading it to 2-0-2. After a few rounds, place a Dart Monkey on the bottom inwards corner and focus on upgrading it to 0-2-2. After that, place a Glue Gunner on the inside top left corner and get it to 2-1-0. For your 4th tower for the time being, place an Ice Monkey in the loop on the top right corner of the map and get it to 2-0-2.

Upgrading to Tiers 3 and 4 + Freeplay on Easy[]

Once your tower upgrades match the ones listed above, start getting your Tack Shooter to 2-0-4, Ice Monkey to 4-0-2, Glue Gunner to 3-2-0, and Dart Monkey to 0-2-4. After that, get to 2000 cash and sell your Dart Monkey in exchange for a Monkey Villiage that will go between your Tack Shooter and Glue Gunner. Upgrade it to 4-2-0 and boost both of the towers near it with Primary Mentoring and Radar Scanner.

Upgrading to Tier 5 + Freeplay on Medium and Hard[]

At this point, its best to buy upgrades in order of price, starting at the lowest and going up from there, and not upgrading your Monkey Village past 4-2-0. The upgrades youll be buying, in order, are as follows:

  1. Glue Gunner to 4-2-0
  2. Tack Shooter to 2-0-5
  3. Glue Gunner to 5-2-0
  4. Ice Monkey to 5-0-2

If you end up having the money after upgrading, you can upgrade your Monkey Villiage to 5-2-0. This strategy can get you to complete Round 94 on Easy and Medium, and 89 on Hard.

Hard Liquidation (Requires MK)[]

This strategy can beat Hard difficulty with the only attention past getting your tower upgrades maxed is using abilities to counter Camo Leads, though it assumes you have Come On Everybody! MK.

First, place Sauda in the upper right spot. Place a Glue Gunner at the corner of the top path and the middle rectangle. Focus on getting the Glue Gunner to 3-0-0 first, so Come On Everybody can assist. If you didn't use Bonus Glue Gunner MK to place your Glue Gunner, put down a bonus Dart Monkey at the corner of the outer rectangle and the top path if you have Bonus Monkey! MK and upgrade it to 0-0-3 before upgrading your Glue Gunner. If you don't have Bonus Monkey! or used Bonus Glue Gunner, just place it after after Sauda gets pops. If you couldn't tell, this next part focuses on using Come On Everybody to cut costs.

After getting your Dart Monkey and Glue Gunner to 0-0-3 and 3-0-0 respectively, get 0-2-3 Dart Monkey and 3-0-2 Glue Gunner, in that order. From here, you could get 4-2-0 Glue Gunner first, which I recommend, 0-2-4 Dart Monkey first, or, if you have Healthy Bananas MK, get a 0-2-4 Banana Farm or two first, which I feel is going to become necessary at one point. After getting some Marketplaces up and running, as well as Tier 4s, save up until Camo Leads show up on round 59. From here, either use Sauda's abilities or give your Dart Monkey some 3-2-0 or 4-2-0 Berserker Brew. If you're planning to go into freeplay (or you're on Impoppable), use a 0-4-2 Buccaneer, which you can then use to harpoon the BFB.

When you can afford it, get The Bloon Solver. 5-0-2 Glue Gunner is kind of an unsung hero among players. It can melt BFBs into nothing and solo Round 76 in less than 10 seconds. Either upgrade your Marketplaces first and then get Favored Trades for Freeplay/Impoppable or get a Crossbow Master first. Sauda should be level 13 by now, so she can act as cleanup crew. By Round 80 you should have: 5-0-2 Glue Gunner, 0-2-5 Dart Monkey, Level 13+ Sauda, 2x 0-2-4 Farms, 0-4-2 Buccaneer (freeplay/impoppable), 3x 0-2-4 Buccaneers (freeplay/impoppable)

For round 81 and above, work towards Pirate Lord. If you're feeling farm-tastic, you could try to get Dart and Buccaneer Paragons.