This page contains strategies and tips for defeating Regrowth Bloons.


210577bloons's strategyEdit

1. Place an Arctic Wind (3/x Ice Tower) in a bend near the exit.

2. Have it covered with a Monkey Intelligence Bureau (x/3 Village). Upgrade to Jungle Drums (2/x) to prevent accidental leakage.

3. Watch your Ice Tower pwn all non-MOAB-Class bloons that come nearby it, including camo and regen. This combination is very deadly and can kill infinite regen ceramics.

RainbowDash1224's StrategyEdit

1. Get 2 2/1 submarine asap

2. Get a few 1/1 Ninja Monkeys

3. Get some buccaneers 1/2

4. So, if someone tries to regrow rainbow rush you, you can defend

Qwertyxp2000 the second's StrategyEdit

1. Have many 3/2 Glaive Ricochet Boomerang Throwers.

2. Have some 2/2 Spike Factories handy in case bloons still leak.

3. Add 2/2 Monkey Villages for Camo detection.

JustLeafy's StrategyEdit

  • If you are playing BTD5 Deluxe, BMC(M)or BTDB(M), put a 3/x Monkey Engineer at the beginning of the track. It will clear out the regrowth and camo properties from bloons that have them.
  • Try adding a 3/x Ice Tower and a 4/x Tack Shooter, very near each other, but the 3/x Ice Tower needs to be placed before the 4/x Tack Shooter, by the perspective of the path of a track. It makes a very deadly combo, and it can clear out bloons (not MOAB-Class bloons) so fast, that the Regrowth bloons can barely regenerate.

Waldeczek StrategyEdit

  • Start with dissolving glue on every single one of them. Two crazy 2/3 and 3/2 glue monkeys will do.
    Later you can upgrade for more dissolution. You can make them pals with Ice Monkeys.
    You will get all of bloons slow and sticky, just put the 3/2 earlier than 2/3, both at the start of the track.
  • Follow with continuous, constant Wizard Storm rage through the entire route. Use only 2nd skill path.
    Whirlwind is not an option. It will only disable all the other monkeys and give bloons time to regrow.
    Later you can upgrade for Dragon Breath. In BMC you can get rid of regrow ability with the thunder followed by lvl 4 Monkey Knowledge
  • Use Ice monkeys, or 1/3 Ninja to hold bloons inside area which inflict the most savage damage.
    You need them only for keeping bloons in one place.
  • Provide Monkey Villages for Camo detection if needed


Regrowth Bloons born in groups from their parents will also grow separately and will not merge, meaning that a single Ceramic Regrowth Bloon can easily multiply into a large army. A good example of this would be a Black Regrowth Bloon being popped into 2 Regrowth Pink Bloons, which regenerate into 2 blacks, which each get popped into 2 pinks, and so on. It is best to destroy these bloons quickly with multiple-layer towers like 3/x Snipers or use Ice Towers that prevent regeneration.

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