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Regrow Bloons are distinguished by their heart-shaped appearance, but could otherwise be any other standard bloon type. If not popped quickly, they will grow layers back to their original size. Beware!
~ Army Monkey's description of Regrow Bloons in BMC Mobile

Regrow Bloons (also known as Regen Bloons, Regrowth Bloons, Regrows, and Regrowers) are heart-shaped bloons that grow one extra layer every 3 seconds, up to their original form. The Regrow status of bloons was first introduced in Bloons TD 5, and appearing in all subsequent games of the Bloons TD series, such as Bloons Monkey City, Bloons TD Battles, Bloons TD 6, and Bloons Adventure Time TD. They also make appearance in the spin-off game Bloons Pop!.


Bloons TD series[]

Regrow Bloons can be troublesome if not popped fast enough, and if the Regrowth Bloon can split into two other bloons, those bloons can regenerate back into their original parent, and would eventually cause a chain reaction of bloons being multiplied. This behavior can be exploited as a method to produce large amounts of Cash from popped Regrow Bloons. This method is known as Regen Farming. This exploit was soon fixed and regenerated layers no longer give cash, at least for Bloons TD 5 Flash, Bloons TD 6, and Bloons Adventure Time TD.

Regrow Bloons can also have Camo status at the same time, making them particularly dangerous (such bloons are called Camo Regrowth Bloons or Camgrow Bloons). Regrow Bloons can appear on any level of the bloons family line from Red to Ceramic, although MOAB-Class Bloons cannot be Regrow Bloons, and most MOAB-class bloons cannot spawn Regrow children (exceptions include the DDT, which spawn Camo Regrowth Ceramic Bloons, and Bloonarius).

In Bloons TD 6, Regrow Bloons appear in Round 17, 19, 25, 29, 31, 36, 38, 39, 42, 48, 49, 51, 56, 59, 61, 62, 67, 69, 70, 72, 74, 76, 79, 83, 90, 95, 126, and 163.

The Regrowth ability of bloons can also be paired up with the Fortified property, along with the Camo property. Only Lead and Ceramic Bloons can have all three bloon properties in Bloons TD 6, as they are the only non MOAB-Class Bloons that can be Fortified.

In Bloons TD 6, the Grow Blocker upgrade for the Monkey Village and Ezili's Heartstopper ability both temporarily stops Regrow Bloons from regenerating layers. Grow Blocker blocks regrow properties within its range, while Ezili's Heartstopper stops regrow properties for a limited time across the whole screen. Both of these properties utilize Grow Blocked status effects to achieve this.

Exclusive to Bloons TD 6, regenerated Regrow Bloons will not count for pop counts since Version 38.0; this is to prevent Regrow Farming for pops.

Bloons Pop![]

These Bloons create even more Bloons
~ Short description

In Bloons Pop!, Regrow Bloons do not regenerate layers. Instead, damaged Regrow Bloons create two more bloons of their descent (for three resulting children) onto adjacent locations when they are popped, regardless of their bloon type. Popping them with attacks that inflict status effects (i.e. Freeze, Burn, Acid, or Stuns), however, does not cause Regrow Bloons to spawn more bloons. Dealing multiple layers of damage to a Regrow Bloon only generate an extra two of the resulting kind along with itself.

Bloons TD Battles 2[]

Regrow Bloons return in Bloons TD Battles 2. Like in the previous generation of Bloons TD Battles, specifically Bloons TD Battles Mobile, Regrow Bloons are a modifier that can be added to ordinary bloons for a multiplicative sum of extra cash.

In Bloon Sends, this does not adjust eco gain/loss for any bloons. The cost multiplier is 1.6x when applying the Regrow property to non-blimp bloons. If Agent Jericho or Highwayman Jericho Level 4+ (Level 5+ prior to Version 2.1.0) is present, the multiplier is reduced to 1.4x (1.3x prior to Version 2.1.0). If Star Captain Jericho Level 4+ is present, Regrow regeneration rate is reduced by -15%, from 2.6s to 2.25s.

Rounds with Regrow Bloons[]

Bloons TD 5[]

First rounds appear is from rounds 17, starting with 8 Yellow Regrowth.

Underlined is an instance of Regrow Bloons during a round.

  • Round 17: 8 Yellow Regrow
  • Round X: TBA
  • ...

Bloons TD 6[]

Standard Rounds

All Regrow Bloons that spawn on each round, including other non-regrow bloons that appear on the listed rounds. Up to Round 100 is shown for purposes of displaying information for completing CHIMPS. Underlined is an instance of Regrow Bloons during a round. [note: not all are underlined yet...]

  • Round 17: 12 Regrow Yellows (first appearance)
  • Round 19: 10 Greens, 4 Yellows, 5 Regrow Yellows, 15 Pinks
  • Round 25: 25 Regrow Yellows, 10 Purples
  • Round 29: 50 Yellows, 15 Regrow Yellows
  • Round 31: 8 Blacks, 8 Whites, 8 Zebras, 2 Regrow Zebras (first multi-child Regrows)
  • Round 36: 140 Pinks, 20 Camo Regrow Greens (first Camo Regrows)
  • Round 39: 10 Blacks, 10 Whites, 20 Zebras, 18 Rainbows, 2 Regrow Rainbows
  • Round 42: 6 Regrow Rainbows, 5 Camo Rainbows
  • Round 48: 40 Regrow Pinks, 30 Camo Regrow Purples, 40 Rainbows, 3 Fortified Ceramics
  • Round 49: 343 Greens, 20 Zebras, 20 Rainbows, 10 Regrow Rainbows, 18 Ceramics
  • Round 51: 15 Camo Ceramics, 10 Regrow Rainbows
  • Round 59: 50 Camo Leads, 20 Ceramics, 10 Regrow Ceramics
  • Round 61: 150 Regrow Zebras, 5 MOABs
  • Round 62: 250 Purples, 15 Camo Regrow Rainbows, 5 MOABs, 2 Fortified MOABs
  • Round 67: 13 Camo Regrow Fortified Ceramics, 8 MOABs
  • Round 69: 40 Regrow Blacks, 40 Fortified Leads, 50 Ceramics
  • Round 70: 120 Camo Regrow Whites, 200 Rainbows, 4 MOABs
  • Round 72: 38 Regrow Ceramics, 2 BFBs
  • Round 74: 50 Ceramics, 60 Fortified Ceramics, 25 Camo Regrow Fortified Ceramics, 1 BFB
  • Round 76: 60 Regrow Ceramics
  • Round 79: 500 Regrow Rainbows, 4 BFBs, 2 Fortified BFBs
  • Round 83: 40 Ceramics, 40 Regrow Ceramics, 40 Fortified Ceramics, 30 MOABs
  • Round 90: 50 Camo Regrow Fortified Leads, 3 DDTs
  • Round 93: 10 Fortified BFBs, 6 DDTs (note: contains 4 Camo Regrow Ceramics per DDT)
  • Round 95: 500 Camo Regrow Purples, 250 Camo Regrow Fortified Leads, 50 Fortified MOABs, 30 DDTs
  • Round 99: 60 MOABs, 9 Fortified DDTs
  • Round 100: BAD (note: contains 3 DDTs, each DDT containing 4 Camo Regrow Ceramics)
ABR Rounds

All Regrow Bloons that spawn on each round, not including other non-regrow bloons that appear on the listed rounds. Up to Round 100 is shown for purposes of displaying information for completing "R100 Insta" runs.

  • Round 3: 15 Red, 6 Blue and 5 Regrowth Blues (first appearance)
  • ...

Bloons TD Battles 2[]

Regrow Bloon rounds mirror the even rounds in a standard game of Bloons TD 6.

Regrow Bloons regenerate 15% faster than their BTD6 counterparts. More specifically, they regenerate layers every 2.6s instead of 3.0s.

Natural Rounds up to Round 50:

  • Round 15: 8 Black, 8 White, 8 Zebra, 2 Regrow Zebra
  • Round 18: 140 Pink, 20 Camo Regrow Green
  • Round 24: 10 Regrow Pink, 60 Camo Regrow Purple, 40 Rainbow, 6 Fortified Ceramic
  • Round 35: 120 Camo Regrow White, 200 Rainbow, 4 MOAB
  • Round 36: 38 Regrow Ceramic, 2 BFB
  • Round 37: 50 Ceramic, 60 Fortified Ceramic, 25 Camo Regrow Fortified Ceramic, BFB
  • Round 45: 50 Camo Regrow Fortified Lead, 3 DDT (contains 4 Camo Regrow Ceramics each)
  • Round 50: BAD (contains 3 DDTs, which contains 4 Camo Regrow Ceramics each)


  • Players should avoid using slow attacking towers such as Bomb Shooter.
  • Damage over time status effects such as Corrosive Glue or Burny Stuff are excellent to temporarily neutralize regrow property, popping bloons slightly faster than they can regrow.
    • However DoT cannot pop regrow bloons effectively without support of other towers.
  • Several Regrow stripping upgrades such as Cleansing Foam or Heart of Oak are excellent when dealing with bloons that split preventing them to multiply back to parent bloon and causing Regen farm.


Main article: Regrow Bloon/Strategies


Bloons TD 5
The Bloons have a powerful new advancement: regrowth. Heart-shaped in appearance, they will grow layers back to their original size if not popped quickly. Beware!
~ Description of Regrow Bloons in BTD5 Mobile
Next round are many Zebra Bloons. Some of them will be heart-shaped Regen Bloons. Get ready!
~ BTD5 Round 31
This next round coming up will separate the strong from the weak. Make sure you have good Camo detection by now and burst damage to deal with Regrowers too.
~ BTD5 Round 42
Regen AND Camo coming up. Not very fun or fair really is it?
~ BTD5 Round 82
Bloons Monkey City
Squares marked with heart shaped Regrow Bloons are Regrow Assault areas! They contain much higher than normal numbers Bloons with Regrowth ability.
~ Regrow Assault warning in BMC Flash
Nano-tek is required for the insidious Regrowth ability of the Bloons.
~ Rubber Repair Nano-tek description
Blooms TD 6
Regrow Bloons! These cute heart-shaped Bloons will regrow back lost layers every couple of seconds.
~ Description of Regrow Bloons in Bloons TD 6
End of next round has 2 Regrow Rainbow Bloons. If handled poorly, 2 could turn into many more...
~ BTD6 Round 39
Coming up: Regrow Rainbow Bloons and Camo Rainbow Bloons. You all sorted for this?
~ BTD6 Round 42
Next Round: Camo Regrow Fortified Ceramic Bloons. Phew! What a mouthful.
~ BTD6 Round 74
Bloons Adventure Time TD

Watch out for regrow bloons! These heart shaped bloons will grow back layers if you don't pop them quick enough.

~ Cuber's description of Regrow Bloons in Bloons Adventure Time TD





Bloons Pop![]


See Also[]


  • The Regrow Bloons are described as cute, as the BTD6 Regrow Bloons warning says.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi’s 16th June 2023 blog, Gyrfalcons among other birds do more damage to Regrows because these Bloon types have the inability to regenerate rubber while stuck under sharp talons of the birds.

General BTD[]

  • If a tower popped a Regrow Bloon that had just regrown its old layer, the player will NOT get money for popping that layer. The player will only get money for popping the layer(s) below the ones you popped. Example: a pink regen enters the map, you pop it and make it a yellow, giving you 1 money. If it regens up to a pink, you won't get any money for popping it back to a yellow. You will however, get money for popping the yellow into a green, then blue, etc. This only applies to Flash version.
  • Children of a Regrow Bloon regrow back to their original parent, regardless of whether the corresponding parent has spawned one or two of them. Meaning for example, a White/Black Regen Bloon can pop into two Pinks, the latter of which can grow back to two whites/blacks.
    • This sort of regrowth can add extra cash from the split bloons, which is, in this case, called Regen Farming.
  • If a Rainbow Regrow (spawned from a Ceramic) regenerates, it will regenerate back its entire ceramic shell, requiring another ten hits (60 in Freeplay Mode, but their quantity doesn't increase at all) to pop it back down to a rainbow. However, a damaged Regrow Ceramic does not regenerate its ceramic shell.
  • On rounds 81+, regrow bloons can be practically weaker than regular bloons, as ceramic shell's health itself greatly increases, they only release one line of children (regrow farm gets nearly impossible by this point), and vulnerable to attack sources with Extra Damage to Regrows. This is the reason why regrow bloons never appear past Round 100 in Freeplay, except for DDT's children.
    • However, stalling rounds with Icicle Impale and Super Glue against (Fortified) Ceramics gets useful at this point, as it takes much longer to pop super ceramic's shell. (a.k.a. Ceramic Bloon Farming)
  • Corrosive Glue acts faster than regeneration. However, it will take a while before the bloon is totally popped and it will take much longer for corrosive glue to pop regrow bloons than regular Bloons.
  • Any sort of Spike Factory would remove the threat of Regrow Bloons in general because by the time the Bloons get to the spikes, the bloon will have very little time to regrow once it starts to pop. This is not the case if there are too many Regrow Bloons for the Spike Factory to handle, however.
  • Bloon Liquefiers are the best type of corrosive glue against Regrow Bloons (and all bloons).
  • Regrow Bloons can't regenerate while frozen by Ice Monkeys.
  • Technically, they regrow one layer per 25 frames, which actually works out to 1.2 layers a second

Specific to Bloons TD 5 generation[]

  • In Bloons TD5 Mobile, Regrow Bloons do change their size which may make them harder to pop than their flash counterparts, due to some Regrow Bloons being smaller than those in flash.
  • Regrow Lead Bloons can be very hard to beat with only Road Spikes and Exploding Pineapples because you would have to use a Pineapple to pop the Lead layer. However, by the time you place Road Spikes, the bloons may have regenerated into lead again, and so on.
  • Beekeepers are good for popping Regrow Bloons that do not have multiple children. This is mentioned in the Beekeeper's description, saying "Regrow bloons, beware!". This is because regrow bloons do not regrow with a bee on it.
  • In the Covert Pops Special Mission, bloons that are normally Camo become Camo Regrow instead.
  • Regrow Bloons cannot regenerate lost layers whilst in a Bloonchipper, even if it has no upgrades.
  • There used to be a strategy called Regen Farming, where the player could earn ridiculously huge amounts of cash by popping regenerated layers and keeping them from leaking with 4/2 Ninja Monkeys or 4/x Apprentices. However, the Flash Version was updated to where cash cannot be earned from regrown layers, not even from split bloons. However, if the player uses enough Ice Towers to keep a bloon frozen along with Supply Drop Snipers, the frozen bloons will stall the round and allow the player to keep Supply Dropping again and again. The new strategy that goes complementary with Regen Farming is called Supply Drop Farming. You can also do that by starting what would be a normal regen farm, and use the supply drops.
  • In Bloons TD 5, Regrow Lead Bloons do not appear in the main game or Mastery Mode, but can be seen in Sandbox mode, some Daily Challenges, Bloons Tower Defense Battles and Bloons Monkey City.
  • Cleansing Foam can remove the regeneration properties of a Regrow Bloon and is one of only four towers to be able to do so (the other being the Mortar with a level 3+, 8+, and 13+ Monkey Knowledge Level, the Wizard with a level 4+ Monkey Knowledge Level, and a Monkey Sub with a level 4 Specialty Building)

Specific to Bloons TD Battles 1[]

  • There is a popular strategy called "Regrow Rainbow Rush". It's the most popular strategy used in Battle Arenas. It is a strategy where the player will spawn a lot of Clustered Regrow Rainbows with enough cash to buy them, causing to overwhelm their opponent with regenerating rainbows. Unless if there is a strategy, it can be beaten.
  • In Bloons TD Battles, there was an annoying bug where Regrow Bloons instantly regrow right after it was popped, and caused a lot of issues.

Specific to Bloons Monkey City[]

  • In Flash and Mobile versions, Regrow Bloons can appear in assaults.
  • Regrowth Reds can appear in Bloons Monkey City, particularly on MOAB-Class Camo Assault tiles.
    • They can be also sent on Bloons TD Battles by players.

Specific to Bloons TD 6[]

  • Regrow Black Bloons and White Bloons are just as small as their original size.
  • Alternate Bloon Rounds, Round 5, a single camo regrow red will spawn, which was the result of a popular meme of the camo regrow red being extremely powerful. But in reality (Camo) Regrow Reds arent any stronger than regular (camo) Red bloon, its actually weaker as its larger and easier to pop. They can still be spawned in Sandbox Mode.
  • In BTD6, Regrow Bloons are referred as "Regrow Bloons" in the Pre-Round Comments.

Specific to Bloons Adventure Time TD[]

  • Prior to Version 1.3, there was a bug where the Camo Regrow Ceramics from a popped DDT were able to regrow back into DDTs, allowing tens, hundreds, or even thousands of DDTs to overwhelm the player's defenses.

Specific to Bloons Pop![]

  • Despite being called Regrow Bloons, they function more closely to Bloom Bloons from Bloons 2 than their BTD counterparts.

Specific to Bloons TD Battles 2[]

  • Regrows cannot regenerate if there are more than an arbitrarily high number of Regrows on screen. This was implemented in an early version of the game to reduce win conditions that involve lagging the opponent.