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Regifted is an achievement in BTD6, first released in Version 22.0. it is earned by popping 1,000,000 bloons in total with the Dartling Gunner. Completing the achievement rewards BloonjaminsIcon200, and 3 Insta-Monkeys: a 3-0-0 Dartling Gunner, a 0-3-0 Dartling Gunner and a 0-0-3 Dartling Gunner.



Use Dartling Gunners as the main source of popping power and support them with support-oriented towers. Play more games in order to speed up the progress of the achievement, as Rounds 81+ contribute less to the achievement than previous rounds, as Super Ceramics contribute less pops.


  • Simply use Dartling Gunners as your main source of popping power. Add a buffing hero nearby the Dartlings, preferably Gwendolin or Pat Fusty.
  • It is easier to simply play multiple games to reach quicker progress to the achievement, as Super Ceramics do not increase the progress count as quickly.
  • To reach this achievement sooner, add Gwendolin with Dartling Gunners, as she provides Dartling Gunners with a regular pierce buff every so often as long as she attacks, covering the low pierce weakness of most Dartling Gunners. Adding Pat Fusty is also useful with Dartling Gunners, as his Rallying Roar ability increases the damage output of multiple Dartling Gunners within range by a large margin.
  • Hydra Rocket Pods covers the Dartling Gunner's low pierce weakness quite well; spamming those towers will help reach the 1,000,000 pop threshold sooner. Add Monkey Commerce nearby to save even more money when attempting to spam in Hydra Rocket Pods.


  • The achievement's name and icon are a reference to the Dartling Gunner's unlock process in BTD6. When Dartling Gunner was first added to BTD6, players had to first pop 1 million Bloons to open a gift box and unlock him.