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Red and Blue Makes... Achievement earned

Pop 100,000 Purple Bloons
~ BTD6 description

Red and Blue Makes... is an Achievement in Bloons TD 6. To earn the rewards, the player must pop 100,000 Purple Bloons throughout the entire game. Collecting the Achievement rewards will earn BloonjaminsIcon 200 and 3 Time Stops.


  • Playing Apopalypse/ABR Freeplay from Rounds 101-120 will be useful for quickly earning this Achievement, as any Purples that will come out on such rounds will appear in hyperstacked groups. To prevent dying to such bloons, Glaive Lord or powerful towers with Monkey Intelligence Bureau is one of the best counters to such hyperstacked bloons. For most case it shouldn't be such a threat because you still need to have an efficient DDT-popping power in order to beat Rounds 95 and 99, (93 and 97 are also included in ABR) and mostly you might have a MIB before these rounds.
  • As of 26.0 update, their quantities greatly reduced by fixed amount during rounds 101-132. However they won't be so threatening, as they appear in much larger spacing than before.
  • Rounds until 100 contains 890 purple bloons in total.
  • Rounds until 132 contains 2,874 purple bloons in total, and 62% of them are in Rounds 95-107.


  • The achievement, along with its requirement reference how mixing red and blue colors will result in purple color.