Not to be confused with White Hot Spikes, an upgrade for the Spike Factory.
Red hot spikes icon

Red Hot Spikes icon

Look Out! Some Lead Bloons are on their way. If you don't have anything that can pop them, never fear! Just drop a stack or two of Red Hot Spikes on the track. Each stack pops up to 20 Bloons. Costs BloonstoneIcon5.
~ When Lead Bloons first appear (before a rush).
... Use Red Hot Spikes with Lead Bloons or other nasties that slip through your defenses.
~ Part of a quote after starting a track from My Tracks
Red Hot Spikes lead warning

The warning when leads first appear

Red Hot Spikes are a special variant of Road Spikes that were added to Bloons Monkey City, along with the Monkey Boost, in the 4th Feb 2014 update. Each stack costs BloonstoneIcon5 and can pop 20 Bloons, and ten can be used for each tile or attack (mobile) when received as a bounty. In addition, Red Hot Spikes can pop Lead Bloons. Fortunately, they last until the tile or attack ends.

Red Hot Spikes also make appearance in Bloons TD Battles Mobile. In Assault Mode they cost Battle Energy1 per pile of 20 spikes for a max of five piles, but three Red Hot Spikes piles are provided for free in any Battle Arena.

Red hot spikes hillsRed hot spikes pic


  • The message is supposed to say "Costs BloonstoneIcon5", but the final word is hidden due to lack of space.
  • If you have enough free red hot spikes, you can use them as free road spikes in the early rounds or when road spikes are used up.
  • Due to a glitch, placing multiple red hot spikes in the same spot causes them to blink and spikes sometimes disappear and reappear, however it dosen't affect the game progress.
  • Due to another glitch, they can be placed free when you have less than BloonstoneIcon5, possibly intentional.
  • In Bloons TD Battles Mobile, 1 single Red Hot Spikes is enough to pop all of the Round 1 bloons.
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