Every second shot the cluster bombs send out more cluster bombs for even more destruction.
~ BTD6 Description
Recursive Cluster

Recursive Cluster is the fourth upgrade of Path 3 for the Bomb Shooter in BTD6. It allows the Bomb Shooter to shoot tertiary bombs every second shot. That means that on every second shot, all 8 clusters will explode into 8 more clusters, totalling to 64 bombs on the second shot. It costs $2,040 on Easy, $2,400 on Medium, $2,590 on Hard, and $2,880 on Impoppable.

Update History


Buff Tertiary clusters appear every second shot instead of every third shot.


  • Use this with the Heavy Bombs upgrade, as the first and second wave of the bombs will pop 2 layers, allowing for greatly increased damage.
    • However, tertiary clusters do not gain this bonus.


With the new Recursive Cluster buffs, particularly the fact that they create tertiary clusters every second shot instead of every third shot, they become very handy at destroying not only normal bloons but also become good choices at destroying MOAB-class bloons too, possibly even better at destroying MOAB-class bloons than a similar number of MOAB Maulers. Good numbers of them can decimate bloons with ease.

When picking the best Recursive Cluster crosspaths, it is not Path 1 (Faster Reload and Missile Launcher) that will improve its power the most, but Path 1 (specifically Heavy Bombs upgrade) that will improve its power the most. Despite that its tertiary clusters won't get the extra layer damage benefit, its primary bomb and secondary clusters will deal immense damage anything within the explosion radiuses, despite the lack of opportunity of adding 20% extra attack speed.

If planning to spam in Recursive Clusters, adding Striker Jones as the chosen hero is one of the best options for optimizing the Recursive Cluster Bomb spam. Increased attack speed and pierce are one of many vital assets for Recursive Clusters.


  • The description used to be "Every 3 shots the cluster bombs send out more cluster bombs for even more destruction." but it has changed in Version 4.0 to fit the new buff of more frequent tertiary bombs.
  • Interestingly, the image of its Insta Monkey appears to have 6 muzzles, though it only has 1 in game.
    • This is no longer true in later versions, particularly Version 7.0+.

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