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Reconditioning Chamber is the third track under the adventure Lemon Grabbed.


The Reconditioning Chamber has three areas of land, each of which alternate in electrolyzing the particular region of land. Characters and/or allies affected by electric fields will be stunned until the electric field has passed onto another region of land. There are also two rectangular lakes on both sides that are fully unaffected by electric fields.

Bloons will enter from the left top entry, move down and right around the blue triangle, then around the perimeters of the green triangle, and then right and up towards the exit.

Behind the scenes through the window, Lemongrab, the leading antagonist of the Adventure "Lemon Grabbed", programs the alternating electric fields, as well as repeatedly screams out random quotes every time he charges new electric fields.


  • Distribute towers onto separate fields but close to each other so when a group of towers gets disabled, the others will continue to attack for them. Be sure to have multiple towers that can make up for each other's weaknesses.
  • Since Ice King can be placed on land, water, and lava by default, he can be placed in either body of water so that he will not need to be affected by the electric field. However, he will not utilize much of his strengths in the water.
  • Characters and allies with some form of negative effect protection or the ability to fly/float (e.g. Ghost Princess, Laser Butterfly) can protect themselves from electric fields. On-track objects such as Banana Guards are unaffected by the electric floors.


First time[]

  • Normal: 25 Coins, 2 Gems, 1 Star Level Currency, 1 Common Wish Orb, 130 XP
  • Hard: TBA
  • Extreme: TBA
  • Impoppable : 200 Coins, 8 Gems, 5 Star Level Currency, 1 Rare / Super Rare Wish Orb, 1 Power, 365 XP


Lemongrab yells "One million years dungeon!" when the track loads.

Upon loading the track for the first time, there is a transcript that leads to the track:

[PB (left) and Lemongrab (right) enter]

Lemongrab: [as himself] You should not have come here.

PB: [interrogating] We know you're up to something. Are you working with the Bloons?

Lemongrab: [hysterically] I work for no one. I'm in charge around here. Meeee!

[Lemongrab is normal]

PB: Get out here Lemongrab, we're not leaving there until...

PB: [gets shocked] Zzzizzezzizzezizz!!!

Lemongrab: [yells] Unleeeash the bloons!

There are also many other quotes that appear while playing the track:

  • "Y-y-you will receive three units of juice stale!" - Lemongrab
  • "Four units for trespassers!" - Lemongrab
  • "Ttwwwwwellllvee uniiiits!" - Lemongrab


  • TBA