Can pop 2 extra bloons per shot.
~ BTD5 description
Can pop 2 more bloons per shot.
~ BTD6 description

Not to be confused with a similar upgrade in BTD3.

Razor Sharp Shots is an upgrade for Dart Monkey in BTD5 and BTD6. This upgrade makes these darts have +2 extra Pierce, totalling to 4 bloons (BTD5) and 5 (6 with Monkey Knowledge) in BTD6.

Cost: It costs $145 on Easy, $170 on Medium, $185 on Hard, and $205 on Impoppable. (BTD5) It costs $185 on Easy, $220 on Medium, $235 on Hard, and $265 on Impoppable. (BTD6)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

- In game: The Dart Monkey gains a red tail-band.

- Icon: a dart is pointed to the top right corner with three sparkles indicating a sharper dart. Dart Monkey's body is in a position after a javelin throw. Additionally, he squints its left eye for "a shot" with the dart leaving its hand recently with the aforementioned red tail-band. (BTD6)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This upgrade is more expensive in BTD6 than in BTD5.
  • If it is combined with a Monkey Fort in BTD5, it can pop 5 Bloons per shot.
  • Some players think the upgrade pops 3 bloons instead of 2, just like in BTD3, but it's really 4 instead of 2.
  • Although Dart Monkeys are right-handed, its artwork in BTD5 shows it holding the dart with its left hand.
  • A Spike-O-Pult with this upgrade can pop 21 bloons per shot, a Juggernaut with this upgrade can pop 103 bloons per shot.
  • The dart that the Dart Monkey is holding in the icon picture looks bigger than normal.
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